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The Secret To Soft Skin This Spring

Do you like smooth skin that is nice and soft and hydrated?
Of course you do.
Who doesn’t want that, especially now that it’s spring!
I think I found the perfect soap for achieving that goal

Renee from JerseyGypsyShop has now created the best goats milk soap that I have ever tried out and the results are simply amazing.


My mom and I both tested out this soap, so as to get a good idea on how it would work for different people. My mom has a skin condition that causes her great discomfort if she comes in contact with most soaps (stinging, burning, itchy skin.)
She figured “Oh what the heck, I’ll give this a shot.” and was so happy NOT to have any adverse reaction to the soap! No burning skin! That’s a first!
Another thing that she pointed out to me was that the soap holds it’s shape and doesn’t melt into a puddle like most bar soaps do (which was something I noticed as well.) It also smells completely amazing. I love sweet almond scented body products, so this was a huge hit with me.
I’ve been using this soap to wash with for the past few weeks, and my skin feels much smoother than it did when I was using regular body wash. I think that the oatmeal in the soap is an extra exfoliant and the honey (which is local organic honey) helps soften the skin.

Another item that Renee added to my soap package was a hand-made bath pouf!
That’s what they’re called right? POUF? What a funny word…
Anyhoo, she started making these poufs to go with the soap she’s making!
The cool thing about these are that they won’t start to fall apart like the ones you get from the store, so you can use it over and over again (you can toss it into the dryer to freshen it up every few weeks.)


The poufs come in different colors, plus Renee can make any color combo you might want if you are giving these as gifts, or if you don’t see your favorite color on her shop’s website.

As for pricing, one bar of soap will cost you $4.00, and three bars will cost you $10.
The bath poufs are $5.00.
These are so great to pair together as a present for someone who loves their at-home spa days!
I cannot recommend this soap and bath pouf enough!
Thanks to Renee for sending me these products to test out! I love them!

I hope you’ll go check out Renee’s shop just click HERE

She has candles and wax tart melts now available! These are great for weddings, presents, or party favors!
Click here to see the variety of hand-poured Soy candles
Click HERE to see the selection of tart melts
Click HERE to read my review of Renee’s candles!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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