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White Nail Polish Is So Classy

Some nail polish colors are just classier than others.
Hot pink or lime green polish is not very classy in my personal opinion.
It’s fun for summer and spring, yes, but not classy.

White nail polish goes with everything.
Literally, everything.
A girl I know had white polish on at Easter, and it was just really nice looking with her black dress and her manicure stood out, looked completely professional (I knew it wasn’t professionally done since she does her nails herself) and made her nails look fantastic.

It’s especially great if you have longish nails, and then can be jazzed up by wearing rings. Plus, it looked fantastic with a tan.

white polish is classy
Here I am rocking some white nails.

One reason that most people keep away from white nail polish is likely due to the fact that applying white polish can be super time consuming.
If it’s applied too fast, then it gets streaky and looks weird.
Slower application with lots of drying time in between coats of polish is best.

The white polish that use is L.A. Colors Color Craze polish in the shade
Energy Source.
I get mine at the local dollar tree for a buck, and it goes on smooth and has the tendency NOT to chip, which is super impressive for a dollar store polish.

So leave me your thoughts on white nail polish.
Do you love it or hate it?

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❀ XOXO ❀


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