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Candle Coolness From The Jersey Gypsy

I am sure that it is no surprise that one of my favorite online shops to work with is
Jersey Gypsy Etsy Shop.
Renee (the shop’s owner) is always coming up with fun and creative new handmade items to sell both in her online shop, as well as in her actual brick and mortar shop up in New Jersey!
The latest creation from Renee are handmade candles!
I love candles so much, and I am always happy to have one burning any time of the year–even in the summer (just as long as the fragrance is a summer scent!)
Renee sent me one of her candles to test out and review for you guys on my blog!
Here’s the scoop on these candles….

These candles are made out of soy wax, are hand-poured, and have lead-free cotton wicks in them.
Renee is using premium grade oils in these candles, and the scent throw is absolutely wonderful!
The candle that I was sent o review was a jelly bean scented candle (perfect for Easter!) This candle really does remind me of a jelly bean! Like the kind I would get in my Easter basket when I was a kid! (The Starburst jelly beans!)

You can get these candles in two sizes: 4 oz. and 8 oz. and you can purchase them in bulk (100 candles, 75 candles, 25 candles… or any odd number…just drop Renee a message.)
You can also get custom stickers on your candles, which really makes these great for any or all of the following occasions:
(I would totally get these with the date of my wedding, along with the wedding hashtag or the names of the people getting hitched and then put them as table centerpieces!)
bridal showers
party favors
baby showers
Mother’s Day gifts,

housewarming presents,
or birthday presents! 

Of course, I Snapchatted a picture of the candle because I was so excited about it and about the little sticker on the front of the tin of my candle!

Another really cool option that Renee has set up, is the option of sign up for a monthly candle subscription. You can sign up to receive a candle every month! And each month, the candle scent for that particular month will be different (so, this month, because of Easter, the scent was Jelly Bean!)  25286588493_f4370cc83e_o
Here are the links to Renee’s shop, her blog, and her Facebook page!
Jersey Gypsy Etsy Shop
Jersey Gypsy FB Page
Renee’s WordPress  Blog

I certainly hope that you will go check out JerseyGypsyEtsyShop and that you will find something that you will love!
I also want to thank Renee so much for sending me this candle! I am completely loving it! It’s fabulous!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!
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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


2 thoughts on “Candle Coolness From The Jersey Gypsy

  1. Im so glad you like it and I truly hope I can not burn as many as I can make (I seem to have an addiction of something!?) Cant wait to send you another package to review so many new things for spring! Thanks so much!! ❤

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