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Jamberry Nail Wraps

I’m new to the world of Jamberry nail wraps.
I am NOT new to the idea of nail wraps, however.
I have tried the cheap ones from the Dollar Tree, the Sally Hansen wraps, and then there were some wraps that came in an old KISS Nails nail art kit.
They were all terrible. They lost their stickiness very quickly, and fell off about an hour or two after I would painstakingly apply them. It was rather saddening.

I recently heard of Jamberry Nail Wraps from a client at the salon where I work.
She had some on her toes for Christmas. (She was wearing flip flops because this year, our Christmas weather was somewhere near 70 degrees.) They were totally adorable and I asked her where she had gotten her pedicure done. She cheerfully explained that they were Jamberry Nail Wraps and that they had been on her toes for a week already and were still going strong.
A few months later, I came across a Jamberry nail consultant, Serena, on Instagram who works in my area. She was kind enough to send me some samples to test out and review for you guys on my blog! Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam
I will be using these accent wraps to spice up my manicures!
Processed with Rookie Cam
Here are the samples Serena sent for me to try

So the first thing you should know about these wraps are that they are a bit time consuming to apply, and for good reason!
If you want them to last, then you need to take the proper steps to insure that they will not be falling off after a day or so.
Instead of simply trimming these wraps to shape and smacking em on, you have to heat them up before you stick them on, and again once they are trimmed and cleaned up and smoothed out. You can either use a blow dryer to do this, or a heater. I sat in front of my space heater and held the wraps on a pair of tweezers and waited for them to warm up. The space heater did the trick really well in my opinion.
The heat is what really gets them to seal to your nails and keeps them on.
So far, my nails have been through, multiple hand-washings (I’m a germaphobe), cleaning out my fish tank (in hot soapy water), a hot shower, and washing my makeup brushes. The wraps are still on.
After one hand-washing, any other wraps would be circling your drain.
Trust me, I’ve seen it time and time again.
It’s a sad sight.
I’m so happy I don’t have to see that with these!
Serena sent me enough wraps to be able to do a mani and a pedi.
My pedicure only required two of the largest size wraps. One wrap for my two big toes and my pinkie toes, and the other large wrap was cut up for the rest of my toes.
It worked out great. (I have teeny tiny nails!) Jamberry Pedicure
Then I went on and did my manicure. 24504866274_8eae89217c_o

No seriously, they look adorable, even though my nails are super short!
I can’t imagine how great these would look if I had acrylics on!

For those of you who are curious, this pattern is called
Jewelry Box, and are $15.
Most of the Jamberry nail wraps are $15, except for their Premium College line ($17.50) and their Disney line ($18).
Yes, I said the magic word.
My best friend Mickey and I were freaking out over them when we were looking around on the website…
There are so many different designs available, it can be a bit intimidating at first!
My favorite designs are:

Jewelry Box (shown on my nails!)


Sweet Nothing
Sweet Nothing

Vintage Chic (Does this pattern remind you of my blog’s header?)

Vintage Chic

Painted Zebra
Painted Zebra

Sea Of Dreams
Sea of Dreams

Fairytale Endings
Fairytale Endings

and finally,
Mermaid Tales (my Mom saw this one and really liked it!)
Mermaid Tales

One fun way to spread the word about these wraps and the other Jamberry products is by hosting a party. It’s kind of like the same theory behind Mary Kay or Avon, except for nail wraps!
You can also sign up to sell Jamberry as well.
There are so many different routes you can take with this company and their products!
Here is the link to Serena’s site, so if you are interested in Jamberry wraps, definitely check out her shop, and contact her! She has been super helpful:)
<Serena Simmons Jamberry Website Link>

<Serena’s Jamberry Instagram>

<Naptown Jams on FB>

<Naptown Jams on Twitter>
You can also reach her at
I want to thank Serena for everything!
She is just fabulous, and I highly recommend these nail wraps to anyone who has tried out other brands of nail wraps and just are not satisfied with the results.

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤

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