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My Eyeliner Game Has Gone Back To High School

When I was first getting into makeup, the one trend that I love were fully lined eyes.
When I got my first eyeliner pencil when I was 14, that’s all I wanted to do.
I would line my top and bottom lash lines and then I would wear all black just to top off the look. How very Hot Topic of me.
I wore my eye makeup like that all throughout high school.
Anyway, I still like to revert to that eyeliner look on days when I am feeling uninspired in the makeup department.
Only nowadays, I will add a nice, sparkly nude eyeshadow to my eyelids to finish off the look, and have it appear less punk. 24373617853_794cd613da_oI will admit though, I often miss my old eyeliner pencil that I ALWAYS used for this look….the Rimmel London Special Eyes Eyeliner Pencil in Black Magic. My CVS stopped carrying it a few years ago, and I have been having a hard time finding it in stores.
I guess maybe one day, I will get online and buy a few from Ulta.
It really was great eyeliner. Rimmel London - SpecialEyes Eye Liner Pencil in Black Magic 161 #ultabeauty

I wouldn’t be making this point about the eyeliner pencil if only my Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner would simply sharpen correctly so that there wouldn’t be little pokey pieces of wood from the pencil jamming into my water line whenever I try to line my eyes….the Rimmel eyeliner NEVER sharpened poorly. It always came out great after every sharpening session.

Oh well.
C’est la vie.

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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