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Summer Dreaming With Tankinis

According to news reports, my area is going to get pounded with a winter storm later this week. People are freaking out left, right, and center. They are rushing the stores for the basics–toilet paper, bread, eggs, milk, and batteries.
I’m just sitting at home browsing Pinterest for cute bathing suits for this summer, because (A) Mom and I already got the needed supplies for this storm and (B) I hate winter with a passion, and would rather think about summertime.

So one trend I have been loving recently (and pinning a lot of) are tankinis.
Yes, I do love bikinis, but sometimes bikinis just can’t be worn someplaces for reasons of modesty (and practicality too.)
Tankinis used to be frumpy and ugly as sin, but thankfully, there are a number of new tankinis out on the market that are form-fitting, girly, and NOT ugly.
Below are a few tankinis that I pinned on my Pinterest clothing board.
Southbeachswimsuits...I usually prefer bikini style but this is actually adorable:
NEON YELLOW NEOPRENE TANKINI. At First I thought it was a onepiece, but it's actually a Tankini that comes with cute high rise bottoms. PERFECT BEACH DAY. It also come in white, blue or pink. Swimsuit by @radswim  and Fashion Blogger @sarahnelizabeth

Reversible Floral & Stripe Tankini Swim Top | Jane:

pink polka dot tankini $25:

Figleaves Swimwear Shelly Underwired Tankini Top (£30) and Matching Bottoms (£14):

I would happily wear any of these adorable swimsuits!
The great thing about these is that it shows that you can look totally feminine and still keep covered up a bit. Plus, you can be more active in a tankini than in a bikini…I got so sick of worrying about falling out of my bikini top….
So I will be dreaming of summer and will be purchasing a nice tankini top once warmer weather rolls around.
Summer cannot get here fast enough.

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤

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