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How To Fashionably Hold Your Keys

Holding onto my keys is probably one of my biggest struggles.
I used to let them stay loose on the bottom of my purse until I started adding loyalty cards for stores and my mace.

Then I used a cheap little lanyard from the school I taught at….T
hat thing was really flimsy though, didn’t make any sense to carry it after I stopped working at the school, and to make matters worse, it always was getting tangled around my wallet, and
other items in my purse.

Needless to say, I was in the market for a new way to hold my keys.
Renee from JerseyGypsyEtsyShop must have mind-reading powers, because she sent me a handmade key fob!

She recently added these awesome wrist key fobs to her Etsy shop.
The key fob that she sent me is Nightmare Before Christmas themed!
If you didn’t know, I am a HUGE Time Burton fan, and I LOVE
A Nightmare Before Christmas! 23645507813_644c2c4f5c_o
This key fob is no joke.
Renee has created this thing to withstand a LOT.
This key fob is a BEAST! (I mean that in a good way! Do not worry!)
Renee had mentioned that you can use it as a wrist strap for your camera if you want, which means that these are
meant to hold some bulky items.
These are really great for holding your keys while you are out and about (theme parks, sporting events, festivals, etc.), and they are easy to fish out of your purse without getting
a long lanyard tangled around everything.
Plus, it is really comfortable to have around your wrist, so it won’t rub in an uncomfortable manner.

As you can tell, mine is only holding my keys, loyalty rewards cards, and my mace, but I think that I will add the rest of my loyalty cards and maybe my second set of keys as well. 24246208566_8f2679e547_o
Each key fob is made by hand (Renee’s sons even help her make these!) and can be customizable for your personal taste by simply contacting Renee having her use different patterned ribbon.
So far, her shop has several of these key fobs on sale with different patterns, from sports teams, to The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Peanuts. There is really something for everyone. 24189797961_46c55ebe78_o
The other great thing about these is that they are not expensive at all.
When I was looking around for a new lanyard, I found that they can easily be priced from $7 up….I was not ready to spend that sort of cash on a lanyard. Renee has priced these at only $5, which is a great price for such a well made item!

Now for some closeup pictures of my favorite images on the key fob:)

I love Jack and Zero and stripes!
I really hope that ya’ll liked this post and that you will consider going to JerseyGypsyEtsyShop and seeing what Renee has in stock!
<<Click HERE to go to JerseyGypsyEtsyShop>>
I also want to thank Renee for her generosity!

If you are not following Renee’s WordPress blog, please go take a look at it and consider following it!
<<Click Here To Check Out Renee’s Blog!>>

Thanks so much for taking time to read this post!
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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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