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PBS Shows I Am Looking Forward To

Huuzah for a great British television series!
Seriously, my favorite television shows are from the UK.
So I wanted to do a short little post telling you guys what shows I am most looking forward to seeing on PBS….(or PBS shows that I am catching up on in some cases…)

Season 2 of Poldark.
Aidan Turner. Need I say more?
But seriously, I watched the first two episodes of Poldark, season 1 this summer, and got totally hooked, so I really cannot wait for season 2 to start! 
Doc Martin, Season 7 (I think it’s season 7…)
I seriously love this show. I’ve watched all the episodes at least 3 times each (more in some cases) and I cannot get enough of Doc Martin’s unfriendly attitude, Louisa’s frustrations, and the crazy friends and family that surround them in the beautifully set Port Wenn in Cornwall. 

Father Brown.
I am playing catch-up with this series, but Mark William’s performance as Father Brown is just great. (If he looks familiar, just think Mr. Weasley!) So far, the episodes have not bored me at all, and Father Brown’s detective skills get sharper with every episode!

Downton Abbey.
I know they are showing the final season now, but I just finished watching the first season last week, and I am playing a mad game of catch-up with this ever so popular series.
I was too young to bother watching this series when it started, and I think that I appreciate it better now that I am older…
To put it bluntly, Thomas and Lady Mary are possibly two of the biggest B’s ever.
I’m glad Thomas is heading off to war.
And need a quick, sharp and politely snarky comeback line in a hurry?
WWTDCD (What Would The Dowager Countess Do?)

So those are the British TV series that I am currently obsessed with!
(Sorry Doctor Who fans, I still haven’t gotten into that yet.)
If you are a fan of any of these shows, feel free to leave a comment telling me which one, and don’t forget to give this post a big like!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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