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A Little Philosophy Never Hurt Anyone

For Christmas I got my first ever bottle of a Philosophy skin care product and naturally I was like
Don’t ask.
Growing up, Philosophy products were kind of a big deal to me.
They symbolized wealth or something…probably just being able to afford some impressed me, as I always thought of it was expensive stuff to own.
Basically, grown-ups owned Philosophy products.
Well, I’m a grown-up.
I’m 21 and I now own a bottle of Philosophy Purity face-wash.

At Ulta this ranges between $24-$36

A few personal thoughts on this facial cleanser.
I really like it.
It doesn’t smell bad, and it makes my skin feel so smooth after I use it (once in the morning and at night.)
I have noticed some clearing of my acne, which is pretty bad, and so far, since I started using this face cleanser, my acne has been slowly subsiding, and so far I’m not noticing any new breakouts.
While my face is not totally clear (I have only been using this for three days now) I feel that this might be the product to give me that clear skin that I have been wishing for.
So I am really pleased with this face wash and I want to know if ya’ll have given it a try before, and if so, what were your thoughts on it?
Leave a comment below!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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