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Mini Christmas Style Lookbook

Merry Christmas dear readers! (yes, it is still Christmas–remember, there are twelve days of Christmas so I could wish you a Merry Christmas for 12 days if I felt like it!)
I hope that you all had a fun, safe, and blessed day yesterday!
I decided to show you guys a couple little style details from my day yesterday in a mini look-book style post…

I am completely in love with the shirt from my mom for several reasons….first of all, it is very stretchy and soft, secondly, it’s pink, and finally, it has those awesome chevron stripes, and I am a sucker for any and all stripes! This shirt was from WalMart (don’t hate! Walmart has some great basic pieces!)
The earrings are probably my new favorite earrings (sorry, hoops) since they pack so much bling into such a small amount of space. Plus they are clip ons (my ears are still not pierced, nor will they probably ever be, since there are so many ways for me to add earrings.)
As for my necklace, that was a present from my best friend a few years ago for Christmas, and I am pretty much always wearing it, as it is my go-to necklace for bling.
My bracelet is my Parkinsons Awareness bracelet from FJJCreations.
The ring is simply an old silver ring that I got from my Mom years ago.
My jeans are from Grane and they are flared at the bottom (which you cannot see in the photo of my OOTD)
I did my nail myself using my Sally Hansen acrylic nail kit, and I painted the ends with blue polish that I got from BlkKnitsAndNails and I used a blue glitter polish from OPI that my boss at work let me borrow on Wednesday night just to finish up my manicure. 🙂

So that was my little Christmas Day Outfit Look-Book! I hope you enjoyed seeing the little details of my outfit that I wore yesterday!
This is one of my favorite outfits now, since it incorporates so many items that I love.

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤

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