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Peeks Cosmetics Lip Product Review

I love playing around with new lip products.
One could say that I am obsessed with lip products.
(I might be!)
My obsession is only growing bigger because I received a package just last week from a company called Peeks Cosmetics, and this package was filled with lip products. I was literally dancing around my bedroom with excitement while I was opening the package. It was like Christmas had come early (my white Christmas tree only further cemented that feeling into my brain.)
In the package, I got three matte lipsticks, two lip glosses, three lip blasters (liquid lipsticks) and one mini size lip gloss, and a mini size liquid lipstick, along with an awesome tee-shirt (which I am wearing pretty much all the time now.) image_23463406919_o
I’m going to go into some detail on the company first, and then start talking about the various products!
First things first, this company is US based, in New York, which I love. I am always up for working with companies that are based in the USA.
Secondly, this company doesn’t just sell lip products. They also sell nail polishes and eyeshadows so they have a very extensive line.
Finally, there are so many different colors to choose from, so you can easily express yourself and your personal makeup style, whether it be wild and colorful, or dark and gothic, or natural.

Now let’s get into what came in my package!
I’m going to post photos of the shades, but if you are interested in how the different colors look on my skin, I will be posting a swatch video on my Youtube channel soon…
Starting with the two lip glosses…..
These are both really nice shades, and are very fruity scented.
They are also gluten free and enriched with Vitamin E.image_23748876031_o
The first lip gloss is a natural shimmery  nude color in the
shade Grown Woman. I really like wearing this shade over a nude lipstick, because it really gives it lots of shine! image_23699849665_o
The second shade is really one of my top favorites.
It is a beautiful shiny orchid purple gloss, that is really pigmented, so you can wear it on it’s own for a bright pop of color!
The shade of this gloss is called Control. image_23617396121_o


On to the  liquid lipsticks which are called Lip Blasters.
These are also gluten free and smell like mint.
The three colors I was sent are  gorgeous. image_23204566673_o
I will admit that I was confused about how to use the white lip blaster.
I tried putting it on by itself and it didn’t look that great, so I finally decided to use it to create a candy cane striped lip art! (I have a post about that on my blog if you are interested.) Candy Cane Holiday Lips
The three shades are as follows (from left to right)
Delicious, which is gorgeous dark brown
Snowstorm, which is a straight up pearly white
and finally, Diva, which is the ultimate holiday shade, and it is a dark burgundy with sparkles.

I personally cannot choose between Delicious and Diva, but I think I like Delicious I little bit more….(it’s an impossible choice! They’re both gorgeous!!) But here is a photo of me wearing Delicious.
One note that I’d like to make about these is that you will need to line your lips before you apply the liquid lipstick, or else you will end up with a bit of feathering. (This happens a lot with liquid lippies.)
Finally, I got three matte lipsticks.
I really like these because they are very creamy, and aren’t drying, which is why I rarely wear matte lipsticks. They usually dry my lips out, so I am happy to have found some that don’t do that.

The three shades that I got are a beautiful nude (Bare Me), a lovely milk chocolate brown (Quik Sand), and a gray lipstick (Bonjour).

I’m going to start with the gray lipstick.
I was genuinely worried that I would look awful with this shade on and that I would hate it.
However, when I tried it on, I fell in love with it! It is such a fun and unusual color, that I couldn’t help but just love it. cymera_20151212_111123.jpg

I am also loving the nude lipstick.
It is the perfect nude. Simple as that.
I have been hunting for the perfect nude lipstick for awhile now (MAC Cosmetics nudes didn’t work for me due to an allergic reaction and streaky application) but the application on this lipstick is super creamy and smooth, and I haven’t suffered any allergic reactions!
This lipstick saved the day for me! 🙂

I also got two baby sample sizes of one lip gloss, which is a very light almost clear pink (shade: Lust), and one lip blaster, which is the bright red (shade: Mystery) that I used for my candy cane lip art. wp-1450464550029.jpeg

I definitely hope that you will look into Peeks Cosmetics if you are looking to buy some new lip products! Their selection is just fabulous.
<<Click HERE to go to their website>>
This is definitely a great Christmas gift option for the makeup lovers in your life, so I suggest checking them out asap!
I also want to thank the owner of Peeks Cosmetics, Latasha, for her generosity, and for letting me sample and review her store’s products! I absolutely love them!

Thanks so much for reading this post, I hope you all had a great week!
Don’t forget to like this post and follow my blog if you aren’t already doing so!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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