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Arbonne Fizz Sticks Review

  A few days ago at work, a customer who sells Arbonne came in and gave me some samples to test out.
One of these samples was the Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks.I had never heard of Arbonne before so I did some googling and found out that it is a company that sells vegan skin care, makeup, and
dietary items (drink mixes, shakes, dietary bars.)
I like trying out new products, so I happily agreed to test
the samples I was offered.
I’m gonna give you a quick run-down on this fizz stick.
It’s a vegan, gluten-free dietary energy supplement that you mix with water to create a fizzy drink that will provide you with energy from natural sources (unlike Monster energy and RedBull.)
Some of the ingredients are guarana, gingseng, and green tea extract.
The flavor that I tested out was the citrus flavor.
One ingredient in the powder is ginger, and I could indeed taste mild ginger in the drink!
The way I want to describe the drink is that it was like drinking a slightly sweetened, flavored  mineral water.
I did indeed get a nice little energy boost (enough of one to go run errands!) and I didn’t have the awful energy crash that I do when I drink my morning coffee (my coffee is pretty sweet, so the crash is a sugar crash.)
The fizz stick only has  2 grams of sugar in it, so there isn’t a huge sugar crash to worry about. 

The fizz sticks come in two flavors, citrus and pomegranate (which I have not tried, but I can guess that it would be tasty! I love pomegranate!)  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is into stick/powder drink mixes.
They’re really handy little things to have on hand.
Just toss one in your purse or in your
car and go on your way.

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤

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