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Blog Update: Technical Difficulties…

Dear readers,
I’m back! At least for a little while. I have been experiencing some technical difficulties if you will with my iPhone, and my Samsung tablet and my family’s PC (could it get any worse?!)
We seem to have narrowed down the biggest issue to our wifi connection as far as the PC is concerned.
My iPhone is still unable to update my blogging app, so I can’t blog on my phone. Even if I could, the wifi in our home is too sketchy and won’t hold it’s own connection. This is making simple things such a checking email, blogging on the PC, texting friends on my phone, checking Facebook and Instagram on my tablet, a serious problem .
Thankfully some friends loaned me one of their laptops, and so far, it is holding the wifi perfectly well, and I am able to get this blog post up and out to your guys because I would feel like an awful person if I
couldn’t keep up with ya’ll.
Hopefully, we can get the wifi issue solved with our internet provider so that I can use the family PC to do some more serious blogs soon!
This is really cramping my style, especially since the holidays are almost here an that means there are Black Friday deals to be discussed and Gift Lists to make note of! So frustrated!

Anyway, I will talk to you again soon!
Thanks for being such great followers and for putting up with these tech issues. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by clicking that FOLLOW button at the top of this page if you are not already following.
If you are already following, perhaps consider passing the word on to other people about my blog!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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