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How I Ended Up Where I Am Now: My Blogging Journey

I often like to think about how far I have come since I started this blog. I usually start by looking way back into my life story.
Fashion didn’t really mean anything to me
when I was a young child.
I was a well dressed little kid until my Mum  gave me
control to dress myself.
When I was 10, I got my first look into the world of ‘High Fashion’ when I found my Mum’s old 1994 Fall Edition of Elle Magazine. The styles were definitely off since I was reading it in 2004 and not 1994, but I think that the clothes and outfits that I saw subconsciously made an impression on me and affected how I dressed in my pre-teen and early teen years.
As a pre-teen and young teenager, I dressed in such a way that I looked like a boy. I was a skinny beanpole with greasy, stringy hair, no figure, zits, boys clothes with very little color, and brown eyeshadow that I tried to use as eyeliner.
I cringe when I look back on those years.
I dressed myself that way until I was 15 and I met this cute guy and I started to compete for his attention against a girl I knew. That meant I had to change myself into being cute, stylish, and feminine. Or at least that was my thinking on the matter. Looking back, it was probably just hormones and my  time to ease out of my tomboy faze.
Well, the guy was unimpressed, but my newly acquired style and makeup skills stuck around.
Growing up, I loved to dress up.
I also loved talking and telling people about life from my point of view. And I rarely shut up.
This would all affect my decision to start blogging.
I had tried to start several fashion blogs on tumblr when I was 16, but being fairly new to the idea of a “coordinated outfit” I quickly became discourage with the idea and gave  up.
Plus tumblr really isn’t a great platform for writing…but I
didn’t know that.
So four years passed and I started to learn more about fashion and makeup and over those four years I grew to love it.
I also had grown to love writing, photography and photo editing.
All of these skills would come in handy for blogging.
Finally, I started a blog on WordPress in 2014 called
The Art Of Superficiality, and I swore up, down, and sideways, that if this blog tanked on me, I would never blog
again as long as I lived.
It started off slowly, with a bunch of uninspired posts about the styles of the Kardashians, Taylor Swift, and Lola Leon, and then I finally hit it big with one post about the 2014 OPI Fall Nail Polishes that had just been released. I then realized that writing about celebrities wasn’t really what I wanted to do (though I occasionally do post a post here or there if I am inspired).
So I broadened my blogging scope and eventually changed my blog’s name to what it is now: The Glitter Mirror.
Since that change, I have done shop reviews, interviews with local Annapolis designers, been nominated for several WordPress awards by my fellow bloggers, and best of all, I have enjoyed every single minute of it, and I intend to keep going.
My blogging future could not be brighter or
more sparkly than it is right now.

To those of you who have followed my blog since it started, thank you all so much.
To those of you who are new to this fun journey, thank you for joining me and if you haven’t joined yet, take a second to click that FOLLOW BUTTON at the top  of this page!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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