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My Favorite Halloween Movies

Well dear readers, we made it through October.
Since it’s Halloween, I figured that I would write this
entire post in orange print. 

So since it’s Halloween, I figured that I’d compile a fairly short list of movies that I absolutely LOVE to watch on and around Halloween.

Let’s not dilly dally with this.
Here we go.
Quick note….a fair few of these are Tim Burton films because
I love Tim Burton’s movies.
Simple as that.

Weird, freaky, brightly colored, undead, and insane.
What an excellent combination. 

Another great film by Tim Burton.
I get the songs from this movie stuck in my head for days
after I watch it. 

Don’t be surprised that I picked Hocus Pocus. 
Just don’t be.
This film is turning into a Halloween classic. 

Another great Sandra Bullock film that’s just right for Halloween.
Sure, it won’t live up to her hilarious performance in Miss Congeniality, but this movie wasn’t supposed to be hilarious. 

Sweeney Todd is just a mild gore fest set in Victorian Times with cool costumes, obnoxiously catchy tunes, and tomato sauce blood spurting everywhere. Good job Tim Burton. Good job.

The weird, strange, homicidal maniacs, and the unusual all together in two films. The Addams Family and Addams Family Values never fail to keep me entertained this time of the year. 

Finally, we’re back to Tim Burton with his classic film Batman.
The Joker scared me so badly in this film and so did the Penguin. So I think that’s proof that this is a pretty good movie for Halloween if I get scared of the characters. 

So those are my top favorite movies to watch for Halloween! 
Let me know what your favorite movies are
to watch this time of the year.

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Also have a very fun and happy Halloween! 

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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