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Tribe Of Seven Shop Review

It seems that everywhere I look on Instagram, septum rings
have been trending.
You know, those rings that people have in their noses.
I finally decided that I would get a faux septum ring and try it out so
that I could feature one on my blog!

The reason I am reviewing a fake septum
ring is simple:
I don’t want a real one.
It is not a piercing that I would want to have all the time.
That is the beauty of fake piercings in my personal opinion.
You can experiment with a certain look without having to
punch a hole in your skin with a needle…

So I got a really pretty faux septum ring from the etsy shop
Tribe Of Seven.
This shop carries a lot of faux septum rings, from simple septum rings to
far out, super blingy septum rings!
They also have a large selection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings,
anklets, rings, and ear cuffs.
This is the shop for any free spirit out there!
Let’s get into the faux septum ring that I received for review.
I picked out a really nice,  plain ring.
It is a simple gold hoop that has little crystals in it for some added BLING.wpid-wp-1446229865512.jpeg
It came in this pretty box with the Tribe Of Seven logo on the front.wpid-wp-1446229700629.jpeg

For those of you who haven’t had any experience with faux nose rings, the way that this ring works, is that you push the open end up into your nose and it should stay there nice and snug (without pinching!)
If it pinches at all or causes discomfort, you can pull the two ends
apart a little bit so that the ring will fit better.

I found that this ring fits pretty well for me, it took a bit of finagling to get it to the right size, but now that I have it set, it works like a charm.
It can be a bit loose if I set it too far to the front of my septum, but it fits nice
and snug if I set it a little farther back.
My Mum also tried it on, and it fit her really well too.
I was worried about how this ring would look on me, but I really like it!wpid-wp-1446229908433.jpegThis septum ring is such a great option for anyone who wants to test out this new trend, wants a septum ring for costuming purposes, or for those of you who want a septum ring, but don’t want to get your septum pierced.


I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking for
pretty jewelry to accessorize with!
One final point that I’d like to make is that this shop is in China, but shipping was surprisingly quick. I know that some people who have ordered from other shops in China get their orders months later, but that was not the case with this shop. Shipping is really quick and I think that’s a huge plus.

So go check out Tribe Of Seven and consider picking up
a faux septum ring of your very own.
Here’s a little nudge! 😉wpid-wp-1446229769913.jpeg

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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