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Jingle All The Way With Urban Decay

I love Urban Decay makeup.
I think that Urban Decay is now my favorite high end makeup brand since I own one of their 24/7 eyeliner pencils and two of their eyeshadow palettes.
It’s all great stuff.

So I went onto their website and clicked on the little tab up top that says HOLIDAY 2015.
Now I’m not totally sure if the items that showed up are really part of the UD Holiday collection, but I’m making a guess that since this is what showed up, these following items are part of their Holiday collection….
Let’s get started, shall we?

Urban 24/7 Eye Pencil Vault in color
The first item I saw was this gorgeous specimen (it made me weep, it’s so pretty!) It is the 40 shade 24/7 Eye Pencil Vault.
It’s perfect for someone who LOVES UD Eye Pencils, and who also happens to have an extra $295 lying around that they can freely spend on makeup.
Yes, the pricing on this is extremely steep and insane, but I did
some math on this subject…
This case holds all 40 shades of eye pencils.
If you were to purchase each pencil on it’s own, you would be spending $800 for all 40 shades (each pencil is $20)….so you’re basically saving yourself around $500 if you buy this set.
Good luck with that one, but there are people
out there who will be buying this.

Next up is the brightly colored Vice 4 Palette, which has a variety of tropical colored shadows with which to create any bold eye look that you can imagine.
This palette retails for $60.
Vice4 in color I’m not particularly intrigued by this palette because, I just am not
a big fan of bright eyeshadows.

Finally, there are the travel sized packages that are more affordable and would make nice gifts for those who travel, or for those who are testing out UD products for the very first time.
Travel Size Set of 5 in color
After Dark in color
As you can see, there is a mini lipgloss travel set, and
two different eye pencil sets as well.
The lipgloss set retails for $14, the set of five eyeliners retails for $29, and the set of three travel sized eyeliners retails for $19.

Finally, there is one final eyeshadow palette to mention, and that is the
Wendy’s Contraband Palette and it retails for $34.
Wende's Contraband in color
Again, there are some bright colors in this palette that I feel won’t translate well together, but I could be totally wrong. But I do like the top three colors in this palette….I’m all for nude shadows these days.

Anyway, these appear to be the first released UD products for the
2015 Holiday season!
I am thinking that I will be check in at Ulta next month to see if any new products are released, so we will have to see.
I am rather disappointed in the selection of products, as well as the fact that the packaging isn’t more “Holiday-oriented.”
Let me know your thoughts!
I’m also going to be looking into other brands of makeup to see what they will be releasing for the holidays so stay tuned for that!

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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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