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What’s New With NYX–Pro Palettes and STORES?!

It seems as though NYX is desperately trying to make a mark on the makeup world as the little drugstore company that could keep up with the
high end brands….
I don’t know what possessed them, but they just recently released their
new Pro Palettes….they also opened their first stores.
Yes, they have stores now.
Let’s start with the pro-palettes…
A highlight and contour palette that you can refill with individual shades

Yes, the idea of this palette thrills me since it is a cheaper version of the MAC refillable pro palettes but….wait….it’s the cheaper version….
What does that mean when it comes to the quality of the makeup?
Every time I go online to look at this palette, it is sold out.
If it is any good, then it is obvious why it’s always sold out.
Anyway, you can fill this up with various shades of powders
from their line of Pro Singles (highlighters, contours, and blushes.)
Each Pro single is $5, and the pre-filled palette is $25….
(They also just sell the palette, without any makeup and that is $15.)

They also have eyeshadow Pro-palettes that you can fill up with your desired colors….these palettes range from $6-$15
depending on how big a palette you purchase….
I kind of prefer a customizable eyeshadow palette to a customizable contour palette, although both are pretty cool…IF the makeup is any good.
Custom 4-Shadow Pro PaletteNow let’s touch bases about the fact that they just opened
several stores around the crazy state of California.
If this catches on (which it probably will) there will probably be NYX stores on the Eastern Seaboard within the next year or so.
This seems as though NYX is trying to keep up with another three letter named makeup company that has it’s own stores and pro-palettes and rhymes with SMACK.
(Spoiler alert, it’s MAC.)

I really don’t know if opening stores will help or hurt NYX, but I can only assume that it will help them, unless they start building stand-alone stores and start removing their brand from the drugstore shelves.
Then there might be a problem.

So let me know what you think of these new changes that NYX is making.
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Thanks so much for reading!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


3 thoughts on “What’s New With NYX–Pro Palettes and STORES?!

      1. Oh yeah I usually stick with powder since I’m not sure how cream would work out for me. But thanks for the blog, I am looking forward to them having the product in stock as well!

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