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SeriousPonies Shotglass Review!

It’s been a little while since I have talked about My Little Pony….never fear, I still love MLP and I’m still collecting MLP items!

The latest addition to my collection was a set of etched shot glasses
from the online shop SeriousPonies.

These shot glasses are a really fun addition in my personal opinion, especially since I just turned 21 last month!
The etching on them is really well done, so they would
be a hit with any MLP fan.

I received six glasses, four of which have cutie marks on them, and the other two have full ponies etched on them.
These shot glasses are your typical sized shot glass (2 oz.)
The glass itself has sort of a blue tint to it in certain lighting (you’ll see the color in some of my photos!)
Let’s look at each of these glasses now, shall we?
I’ve divided them up so that the glasses with the Mane Six cutie marks are together, the cutie marks for the newer ponies are together, and the
full-body ponies are together.
I also learned that photographing glass shot glasses is a really really hard thing to do without getting glare somewhere on the glass.
It took me way longer than I was expecting to get these photos, but I’m happy
with how they turned out!

So the first two shot glasses that I’m going to show you guys are these two.
The cutie marks are from two of the Mane Six, Rarity (the diamonds) and Fluttershy (the butterflies).21477943973_c0253b9b82_o

I like how nicely the cutie marks fit on the glass.
They are carefully placed so that they aren’t too big, or too small.

Next up we have two cutie marks from two ponies that you might not be so familiar with: Doctor Whooves and Derpy.
Derpy’s cutie mark are the bubbles and Doctor Hooves’s cutie mark
is the hourglass. The Derpy shot glass is especially cute when it has a darker liquid in it, which makes the bubbles really stand out!derpy and dr hooves
Dr. Whooves is actually I think supposed to be a takeoff on
Dr. Who….a timelord…hence the hourglass cutie mark.I would have to say that Derpy is one of Ponyville’s cutest, and most accident-prone residents and is also one of my favorite ponies. 

Finally, on to the full-body pony shot glasses!
These are really quite impressive in my opinion, since there are
numerous tiny details added onto the etchings of these ponies.
The two ponies on these glasses are Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Queen Chrysalis….I really like Queen Chrysalis because she is just so weird and creepy…go figure. That’s just me.
So I’m pretty excited to have her on a shot glass!

full ponys

So there you have it!
These shot glasses are really good quality, have the cutest etchings on them, and will be loved by me for years to come. I actually am planning on storing them on my pony shelf in my room….but I don’t have enough room!
Looks like it’s time to get a bigger pony shelf!

These would be such great gifts for any MLP fan this holiday season, so definitely go look into SeriousPonies!
They also sell pint glasses, rocks glasses, flasks,
wall decals, and candle holders so there are a lot of choices, and the prices are all very reasonable, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money for a great quality product!

SeriousPonies Shop
Shot Glasses
Pint Glasses
Rocks Glasses
Wall Decals
Candle Holders

all shot glasses

So thank you all so much for taking time to read this post!
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Thanks again!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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