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What’s New With NYX: The Rocker Chic Palettes

I love NYX eyeshadows quite a bit, and I keep wanting NYX to release more eyeshadow palettes. It seems as though my prayers to the makeup gods were answered. NYX just released three brand new eyeshadow palettes called the Rocker Chic palettes.

Now let’s be serious for a second.

These palettes are drop dead gorgeous and are totally my style.

There are three palettes, each encased in a palette that is complete with metal studs to give it that edgy rocker vibe.
On the inside there are five shades of eyeshadow to
create multiple looks with.
The names of the palettes are as follows:
California Dreaming (brown packaging),
Heart Of Gold (pink packaging),
and Tainted Love (black packaging).

I think that the pink palette (Heart of Gold) will be my choice when I go to purchase one of these, as it is a rose gold themed palette….
However I am really drawn to the Tainted Love palette because of that gorgeous maroon shade…

And for those of you who are interested in the colors in the California Dreaming palette, here they are….

As far as price goes, these retail on the NYX website for $18, which
is kind of up there if I am being totally honest.
But from what I have seen on various Youtube reviews, they look as though they are pretty big, so you would be getting more eyeshadow for your money then you would from the Love In Paris palettes.

If you have tried these palettes, let me know what you think! I’m super curious to know! Also, if you are just coming across my blog and have not yet subscribed, please take a second to click that
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Thanks for taking time to read this post!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
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14 thoughts on “What’s New With NYX: The Rocker Chic Palettes

  1. When I saw these on the website I was so excited. I think the Pink Palette is the most wearable but I agree with the maroon shade in the Tainted Love Palette… it’s calling my name!

    1. I was super excited too! I’m really really loving dark red eyeshadows for fall, so I think the Tainted Love Palette will be my first choice! I just have to find it in a store somewhere since I’m not a fan of buying makeup online!

  2. I love the look of these palettes but I totally agree on the price. $18 for NYX is a little steep. I’m curious to see swatches and reviews before I think about picking these up! I do however love the packing!

    1. I would prefer it if these palettes were priced closer to $10, then I’d be more willing to get one! You do have to remember that NYX has the curve eyeliner that is $15…so they aren’t scared to hike up their prices on certain items. I’m just not sure that this palette is worth it.

      1. Yup! Both of my Urban Decay palettes were $20-$25 (on sale at a discount store–Nordstrom Rack) and I would totally spend that amount on them again because they are so pigmented and soft and such amazing quality! We will have to see how these palettes turn out when people start reviewing them:)

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