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What’s New With NYX–Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle

Dear readers,
I’m having a moment of concern over the latest product from NYX.
This showed up the other day in a NYX email, and I just felt as though I HAD to blog about it as soon as I had a free second.
The product in question–the new Whipped NYX Lip & Cheek Souffle.

Apparently this lip and cheek “souffle” can be used to
“precisely line lips and on the apples of your cheeks for a soft, natural flush. Achieve a delicious wash of color with a matte finish using this creamy and multipurpose formula.”
Hey, NYX said it–not me.
It just makes me think about the ancient makeup relic that EVERY girl I know owned when she was 13….the one buck, one hit wonder,
the e.l.f. All-Over Color Stick.
Those things were nasty, and that’s what this product is reminding me of.
Bad vibes from the past, you could say.

However, if you happened to be a fan of the e.l.f. All-Over Color Stick, and are interested in this NYX version, here’s some info that you might like to know.
* It comes in eight different shades from Pink Cloud to Cocoa Bean
* Each tube contains 0.27 oz. of product
*It’s $6.00 on the NYX website.
I’m sure that my hesitation on this product is showing through in this post, so I am asking YOU dear reader, if you have tried this product out, is it any good? And even if you haven’t tried it out, does it seem like something worth giving a shot? Leave a comment below and let me know.
So thanks for reading this post! Hope to hear from ya’ll.
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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❀ XOXO ❀


2 thoughts on “What’s New With NYX–Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle

  1. I haven’t tried either of these out yet!! but I have high hopes for the nyx πŸ™‚
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. I haven’t tried either of these, but I have tried other types of “lip and cheek” products. Personally, I love these types of products for cheeks, but not so much for lips. I’m curious about this one, though….

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