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21 Random Facts About Me

I know that we have been on the crazy blogging journey
together for a little over a year now.
Things have gotten pretty serious, you could say.
I know that I mention my everyday life here and there, but I haven’t really bothered to let you all get to know me.
The real me.
The me who takes ugly selfies and sends them to her sister
just for the heck of it.

So here are twenty one random facts about me.
I chose 21 facts, because in 20 days, I will be 21!
I’m very excited…

I love sweetened almond milk.
That stuff is ace.

I don’t actually have a sister.
Whenever I mention my sister, I am actually speaking about my best friend in the whole entire world.
The two of us are so close that about six months ago, we titled ourselves as “sisters” because we have that
unbreakable sisterly bond.

I really love the International Delights Almond joy flavored coffee creamer to the point where I like to say “I’d like some coffee with my creamer”.
It’s also really good if you add a splash of it to your cereal milk…..yum.

I have 99 fandoms and Twilight ain’t one.
What I’m trying to say is that I have a lot of various fandoms that I like.

My favorite fast food joint is Chick-fil-a, followed by Arby’s.
My typical Chick-Fil-A order is an order of nuggets, with waffle fries and a LARGE sweet tea (or lemonade, cause they have fantastic lemonade.)

My favorite flower is the rose.

I can bake a really delicious apple pie from scratch.

I wear a size 8 shoe.

If I gain enough weight (like, 5 pounds will do it) I get dimples that form in my face when I smile, because my face puts on weight….I’m not even joking. This is actually a thing that happens to me.

I love Dean O’Gorman’s photography.
He played Fili in the Hobbit franchise and Anders in The Almighty Johnsons, but he actually spends time doing professional photography when he isn’t filming a movie or something.

When I was a little kid, I loved being outside, and I was a pro at catching toads. I still have that skill in case you were all interested.

I love to bargain hunt for my clothes.
I feel as though digging through piles of clearance clothes makes me appreciate what I buy more.

Purple is probably my least favorite color.

I hate spiders.

I will never ever purchase a Samsung phone or tablet again as long as I live.
The camera quality and processing speeds are terrible.

I’m kind of a computer/tech nerd.
I love to learn about new tech, and am proficient with a cell phone, social media of all types, and I am learning basic coding.

Hot Topic is my guilty pleasure store for all of my nerdy fandom needs.

I LOVE Irish/Celtic rock bands.
My favorite bands are Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Paddy and the Rats, Tartanic, and The Real McKenzies.

Animals wearing clothes is on my list of pet peeves.

I’m a really good swimmer, and enjoy nothing more than swimming around in either a pool or the Chesapeake Bay.

Rings are one of my favorite accessories, but I have an impossible
time finding ones that fit me.
They either are too loose, or won’t fit over my knuckles.

So there are 21 random facts about me!
I hope that you enjoyed reading this, and learning a little more about me!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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