Where Are My Followers From?

So I was browsing around on my blog stats recently (it’s my newest obsession) and I noticed that I could tell where my readers were from!
Yes, this seems a tad bit creepy, like WordPress is just following every click of our computer mice, but for a blogger, it can be an interesting thing.

So for the #1 spot, I have the most readers from the USA.I have had a grand total of 5,079 US readers.

The #2 spot goes to those lovelies from across the pond in England!Total number of readers from England, 1,751.

Finally in the #3 spot, comes Canada!The total number of readers from Canada comes in at 527.

Then comes Australia, France, Ireland, Germany, and Indonesia.

I just find it fascinating how one single blog can reach all across the globe and be seen by people in different countries!

So a big thank you to everyone who has read my blog, and another thank you if you are a follower!
Please remember to spread the word and have your
family and friends follow as well!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❀ XOXO ❀


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