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Citrine and Turquoise Layering Necklaces

Jewelry is great.
It can take an outfit from bland and blah to perfectly put together in under a minute. Plus, there are millions of different jewelry types from which to choose.

I personally believe that necklaces do the best at tying an entire outfit together.
But what if there is meaning behind a necklace?

I recently received two beautiful handmade necklaces from MessyTricks to feature and review on my blog.  Each necklace contains a specific stone.
The two stones are citrine and turquoise.
Each stone is tied with either string or wire and is turned into a beautiful necklace.
The necklaces came with a lovely handwritten note explaining the various meanings and beliefs that are associated with citrine.
I found this to be very interesting, so I plan to tell you a little bit about
the various properties of citrine.
Let’s start with the citrine necklace.IMG_7078.JPG
This necklace is tied tightly with black thread, and the part that goes around my neck is braided for extra strength, since the stone is fairly heavy.IMG_7080.JPG
This necklace is shorter than the turquoise necklace, measuring in length at
16 1/2 inches long.
Citrine is known as a prosperity stone, and the owner specifically
said that this is why she chose it for me.
It is said to manifest success and abundance in all areas of life. It is also said that citrine will  disperse negative energy without absorbing the bad energy, so it is a
crystal that does not need to be cleansed of negative energy.
It is a Solar Plexus Chakra stone.
In the beliefs of crystal healing it is said to help with a wide range of problems, from digestive issues, thyroid issues, strength, muscle problems, and any
problems with the kidneys.
I have never looked into the meaning behind stones, so this was an
interesting tidbit for me to learn!
Now let’s talk about the turquoise necklace.IMG_7087.JPG
It had a very simple design to it, which makes it very practical.
Seven pieces of turquoise stone wrapped with gold wire on a
plain and sturdy black string.IMG_7094.JPG
This is a fabulous layering necklace, and I wear it frequently with lower cut tops.
It is 18 1/2 inches long, and hit right above my navel. It can  be easily worn with a dressy outfit, or a rugged everyday outfit, because it is so versatile.
I love to wear these two necklaces together for an extra earthy look.
Plus, they look really great together, since there is a two inch length difference, and the citrine necklace fits perfectly right above the turquoise necklace.
They pair very well with a plain tee shirt, especially in the colors
black, brown, white and green.
I am looking forward to fall, because they will look great showing out from a denim jacket with my dark red combat boots and some skinny jeans (can you guys guess which season is my favorite, as far as fashion is concerned?)

So I hope that you all enjoyed this post!
Let me know which of these necklaces is your favorite!
And go check out Messy Tricks.
This shop also sells adorable vintage and unique clothes and other handmade jewelry.

MessyTricks Shop

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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