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Princess Kate’s Style

We all know and love Duchess Kate.
We have had our eyes on her since she stepped into the spotlight after
becoming engaged to Prince William.

The wedding was absolutely spectacular.

I wish to speak momentarily about her style.
Her style exudes beauty, grace, and class and I want to take a moment to highlight some pieces from her fabulous wardrobe.
I seriously believe that she cannot make a fashion mistake.
So here we go.

I even want to steal her casual everyday style!

Even when she was pregnant, she never lost that classy style, and never once looked trashy unlike SOME famous pregnant people
(**cough cough** KimK we’re all looking at YOU on this one.)

And now our beloved Duchess is the mother of two
absolutely precious young ones!
I always have to stop in the grocery store and pick up the celeb magazines if there is a photo on the front of Kate and her kids.
She is Mom Goals.
Seriously. I want to look as good as her when I am expecting, and then afterwards as well.

If this isn’t family goals, then I don’t know what is.

So let’s raise a glass to the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge.
She is the modern Princess we have all been looking for.

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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