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New Makeup Review: Serpentine Beauty

 I’m really excited to tell you guys about a new makeup brand today!
If you have been following me on the wonderful world of Instagram, you have probably seen my MOTD (makeup of the day) photos where I am wearing lip color from a brand that you might not have heard of.
Here are two of my MOTD pics!

The brand is Serpentine Beauty, and they are from Canada.
I was sent their entire line of lip glazes to review on my blog, and I have been playing around with the glazes for a little over two weeks now, and I am very excited to write about my findings!
First of all, these are not lip glosses, like Juicy Tubes.
These are lip glazes, which is a hybrid between lipstick and lip gloss.
They are highly pigmented, smooth, and easy to apply.
I learned that when you are applying these glazes, less is more, so you do not have to slather on a lot of product to get maximum shine and color.
These are also fortified with anti-oxidants, waxes, and anti-aging products in them, and they have kept my lips feeling very smooth and silky!
They are also cruelty-free! This is an important point that I’d like to make, since I am an avid lover of animals.
These are higher end products, so expect prices that  are closer to those of
Urban Decay or MAC.

I really loved the outer packaging, and thought that it looked quite “swanky.”
The lip glazes  also smell like cupcakes.
No joke.
And that was a very important thing for me.
I have the nose of a bloodhound, and I have owned lip products before that have smelled like children’s cold medicine, and I could not use those products because the smell was so offensive to me.
Thank heavens that these smell so delicious!
There are ten shades from which to choose, ranging from
a light, golden nude, to a vibrant magenta!
Below are swatch photos with the names of each color UNDER the color.
The first photo contains the swatches of the nudes and pinks.
The second photo contains the swatches of the darker colors–reds and deep pinks.

My top five favorite shades can be seen in the below photo!
I finally picked out the five shades that look best with my skin tone!
It was a very hard decision.
I actually keep Kayla in my purse at all times.
I’ve really come to depend on having these in my makeup stash.
I have also learned that these are good for layering over lipstick to add
shine as well as  to amp up the lipstick’s color.
Here are a few color combos that I like to use.
(Please note that all lipsticks mentioned are my NYX Butter Lipsticks, and I have found that these two products pair very well together!)

Serpentine Beauty: Fussy Princess
NYX Butter Lipstick: Hubba Bubba

Serpentine Beauty: Miss Moxie
NYX Butter Lipstick: Razzle

Serpentine Beauty: Naked Angel
NYX Butter Lipstick: Snow Caps

There are so many fun options possible when it comes to combining colors.

These lip glazes really are my new favorite thing in my makeup collection, and I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants to try out a hybrid lip gloss/lipstick.
These really are worth the money!
Plus, I think that it’s really cool to be able to support a smaller makeup brand that is growing in leaps and bounds!
Seriously, I’m seeing them all over IG now  because they’re really becoming popular with makeup artists and bloggers!

I will be posting more MOTD posts, so be on the lookout for those, and also go check out Serpentine Beauty’s website, and get yourself a few of their lip glazes
while you’re there!
Also leave a comment and let me know which shade is your favorite!

Serpentine Beauty Instagram
Serpentine Beauty Facebook 
  Naked Angel Lip Glaze
Miss Moxie Lip Glaze

So Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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