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My Take On Game Of Thrones Characters Even Though I Know Nothing

So I’m going to admit something that might come as surprise to you guys.
Don’t freak out.

I haven’t watched Game Of Thrones.

I read the first book…well…more like, I read 65% of the first book and then I just kind of skipped around through the other 35% until I reached the end.

My step-cousin is a HUGE fan of GOT and keeps posting memes and photos and whatnot, so pretty much everything I need to know about GOT I have learned from said memes and photos.
I am now going to post a few examples of my lack of knowledge.
Please, don’t hate, just feel free to have a laugh at my expense.

Apparently Jon Snow knows nothing, and is the bastard son of some other character, owns a white wolf, and rocks the color black.
My goodness–Look at that hair.
Eye candy.

Daenerys might be the biggest bad@$$ in the entire series.
Daenerys has a thing for dragons….and fire….

and this guy…Khal Drogo…her hubby.

Drogo just happens to be a savage warrior who could easily kill you.
However Daenerys kills him after he gets an infected booboo.
How rude.
Oh my Gawd Daenerys–you don’t just go and KILL your husband!

This guy is pretty and is apparently a newer character.
I have no clue who he is.
Nice chin though.

Tyrion is apparently the short Lannister.
But don’t underestimate him.
He could easily whoop your butt.
He smacked that obnoxious little blonde kid around.
**Round of applause**

The female Lannister with nice hair and eyebrows that are too
dark for her hair color.
I just glazed over the story-line for Cersei Lannister when I read (most of) the first book.
In this case, I know nothing.
At least about Cersei.
Sorry to any Cersei fans out there.

I don’t even know this kid’s name.
I just google searched
“Game of Thrones, Annoying Kid”
And he came up.
Apparently EVERYBODY hates him.
Just his face annoys me.
I wonder how much more I could hate him if I bothered to actually read the books and watch the show.

Daenerys’ older brother.
Royal pain who gets his head burnt off by Drogo.
I wasn’t sorry to know that he got killed off.

Ned Stark.
All I know is that this guy is the guy on most memes that start with the words
“Brace yourself…._______is coming”
Insert into blank space “pumpkin spice everything” “duck face selfies”

Robb Stark.
I know the name, but that’s it.
He also shows up in photos with Jon Snow (who knows nothing.)

Arya Stark.
Half sister to Jon Snow.
Ultimate tomboy.

This last character got me though…

Seriously though.

So as you can tell, I only know a few things about Game Of Thrones, and aside from that, I think that it is safe to say that

Like Jon Snow.

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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