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2015 Fall Trend List

I’ve been browsing around online recently to see what is fashionably “in” for
this fall season.
Here is a list of some of my findings with photos from the runway, along with a more “everyday” option.

Flare Pants

The 70’s are apprently making a comeback. So brace yourselves.
I don’t think that this look will catch on as much as is expected.
Flared jeans just don’t work with UGGS, but will work with a dressy top, and some nice heels.

Duster Coats
My Mom owns several coats like these, so she’s ready for this trend!

I think that when wearing a jacket of this style, it’s best to get one
that is of a slim fit.
I actually saw a full length slim fit duster cardigan in Target the other day, so I had a feeling that these jackets would be considered a fall trend.

Faux Fur StolesThis trend is good for wrapping yourself up in a bit of faux luxury.I found this picture on Pinterest and figured that it shows off how you can best work a faux fur stole into an everyday outfit.
I myself would be very tempted to wear that outfit.


I personally think that working this trend into your wardrobe would be easy by just investing in a fringe bag.


I actually like this trend.

I knew a kid who wore exclusively neon.
All the time.
And I never saw anything wrong with that.

Statement Earrings The bigger the better? I honestly could not find an everyday option for this trend…it is just so impractical.

Puffer Coats
These runway models remind me of the Michelin Man….
Yay, I found an everyday puffer jacket that isn’t ugly!
Really, just slim down the puffer jacket, and it’s a great option for staying warm in the fall and winter!

Chunky Knits

Slim it down a bit for everyday wear.

So those are some of the 2015 fall fashion trends that I found.
I am thinking of doing another list for hair and makeup trends, so let me know if you are at all interested in seeing a blog post on that!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


2 thoughts on “2015 Fall Trend List

    1. Yeah I know! I didn’t wear mine all last winter even though it was the warmest jacket in my closet–guess I’ll wear it this winter. 🙂

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