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Belly Bling! 

 Belly rings are my new favorite accessory for summer, and with summer slowly nearing an end (so unfair!) I am making the most of it with two new belly rings from
I already reviewed this shop once before for their dreamcatcher necklace and phone dust-plug, and was given the opportunity to do round two, but this time for
their belly rings!
This shop sells a lot of pretty jewelry, phone charms, and belly rings, as well as pregnancy belly rings.
BodyBitsCom Online Shop
BodyBitsCom Etsy Shop
Cute Green Turtle Belly Ring
Red Bead/Gem Dreamcatcher Belly Ring
Also, you can use the code
to get 25% off your entire purchase.
This code is active until 9/30/15

One quick note I want to make: why is it that when I take photos of myself wearing my belly rings, my stomach looks deathly pale in on pic, and super tanned in the other?
So weird.  The two belly rings that I picked out were a cute little green turtle (I named him Doug) and a gorgeous silvertone  dreamcatcher with red stones and a
red bead in the middle of the dreamcatcher.
Both belly rings are 14 guage, and are made from stainless steel. (Technical details!)

The Green Turtle belly ring is absolutely adorable (it literally says “Cute Green Turtle” on the invoice!) He is also really shiny, which is obvious when you look at the photo.
I had a hard time getting a photo without any shine, and what you see was actually the best photo that I was able to take because the light kept reflecting off of him.
I’ve been wearing this little guy pretty much every day
since I got the belly rings in the mail.
I have always loved turtles.
I have a collection of turtle figures in my room, and I really
love having a turtle belly ring now!
It also is a way for me to cheer on my friends who are going to the
University of Maryland.
UMD’s motto is Fear The Turtle, and their mascot is a turtle
(well, a terrapin named Testudo to be exact!)
The turtle on my belly ring isn’t exactly worthy of fearing, but he’s happy to help me cheer my friends on!

I also love the dreamcatcher belly ring.
I have wanted a dreamcatcher belly ring for several years now, ever since I saw a friend of mine on Instagram post a picture of a dreamcatcher belly ring that she bought for herself. As soon as I saw that photo, I had my mind set on the fact that I would have a dreamcatcher belly ring too!
And now I do and I am loving it.
I had a hard time picking out the color that I wanted, as there were sever color options available, but I finally went with red, and I am very happy that I made that decision!
Like my turtle belly ring, this belly ring is part of a collection as well.
Yes, I collect dreamcatchers.
(This is the point where I’m sure a lot of you are going “What doesn’t this chick collect?”)
I am actually planning on switching out my belly ring tomorrow to wear the dreamcatcher, as I am planning on going to the beach on Tuesday with my sister.
I thought that the red accent of the gems and bead would look awesome with my bathing suit, which is a leopard print bikini top, and black swim bottoms.
So which of these two belly rings is your favorite?
Leave me a comment and let me know!
So if you are in the market for some new belly rings, definitely go check out BodyBits RIGHT NOW!
I love their selection and can’t stop raving about the belly rings that I got from them!
So I hope that you all are having a good Sunday, and that ya’ll will have
a good upcoming week!

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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