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Hand-painted, Elvin, Epicness

I am a huge fan of The Hobbit films.
My favorite elf in the film has to be Thranduil.
He’s the father of Legolas, and the ElvinKing, in case you were wondering!
(You should see the Google Autocorrect on my PC–it’s going nuts with these names!)

Thranduil is also really epic. I think that he is the most epic of all the elves–he even beats out his own son.
Just sayin’.

He is also incredibly good-looking and cool and

I was honored to be able to review a tee shirt with a hand-painted image of Thranduil on it from Eliza Evry on Etsy.
ElizaEvry Etsy Shopwpid-2015-07-23-12-55-31_deco.jpg

At this point, ya’ll are probably looking at the photo of the tee shirt, and are now thinking,

Yes. I did.

Hold onto your hats everyone.
Here’s a closeup!
(It’s even more impressive up close, am I right?!)
wpid-2015-07-23-12-58-33_deco.jpgThranduil stares at you from the front of my shirt with that cool, collected stare that sort of frightens people and makes them wondering if he is silently judging them….
(cough cough–yes dwarfs, he’s judging you.) wpid-photo-jul-22-7-45-08-pm.jpeg.jpegWhen I took this shirt out of the box and held it up for the first time, I got the chills.
How did somebody hand-paint this so perfectly?!
I was in awe, and still am in awe!
Seriously, how in the world did Eliza do this?! It is so perfect!

She also sells shirts with other characters on them; theses characters include Elsa, Olaf
(YAY! Everyone wants to build a snowman!!!) Superman, Emma and Elsa (from the TV show Once Upon A Time) and Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch.)
You can also choose the size, fit, and color of the shirt.
(I think it’s nice to have options!)
I really think that the fit of this shirt is great. I picked a women’s small FYI.
Plus it isn’t super heavy fabric, so you won’t sweat to death while wearing it outside in this disgusting summer weather!
I have been wearing this shirt pretty much every day since I got it. I love it so much.
I just don’t wanna take it off!
Now onto some silliness that happened as I was trying to get photos taken for this post….

wpid-photo-jul-22-7-48-00-pm.jpeg.jpegI wanted to be as epic as Thranduil looks on my shirt, so I tried to make a crown out of twigs….
Thranduil still looked more epic, in case you were wondering!

Finally this photo was taken as I gave up on trying to be an epic elf and opted to search for four leaf clovers…
So far, all my “Hobbit” loving friends are totally in love with this shirt, and I have to admit, who can blame them?
It’s just that awesome.
So go look at Eliza’s shop, and definitely consider getting something! It’s definitely the way to go when you’re looking for a shirt that’s unique, and epic as all get out.

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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