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The Joy Of Homemade Cupcakes

I love sweets.
I especially love cupcakes.
My only issue with eating cupcakes is that, for me, it’s a pretty messy process, because you have to remove the wrapper off the cupcakes (crumbs everywhere) or just bite into it (frosting up your nose) or just put it on a plate, unwrap it, and still get frosting somehow on your face.
Basically, I am inept at gracefully eating a cupcake and by the time I”m done, I look something like this:Yes, I exude the skills of a one year old eating a cupcake.

I still love cupcakes though!

I was thrilled to be able to do a review on handmade cupcakes by the shop
I Baked It Myself.
This shop is such a great idea.
You can have handmade bread and cakes shipped to your doorstep.
And the cool part is that the cupcakes are shipped in glass jars (imagine jam jars!) and can be frozen for up to 3 months so you can save them for special occasions.

I got to review the Chocolate Banana cupcake.
Words cannot describe how thrilled I was on multiple levels with these cupcakes!

I’m going to start off with the packaging. wpid-2015-07-20-17-36-32_deco.jpg
The cupcakes came in these 8 ounce jars (4 oz. jars are also available!), and arrived
safe and sound.
I have to give the packaging on them a 10 out of 10.
They were wrapped in bubble wrap, placed snugly in a bed of packing peanuts, and there was insulated bubble wrap PLUS an ice brick.
I heavily applaud the packaging.
As you all know, my mailman LOVES to just toss packages around at will.

I ate one of these, and my mum ate the other, and we really enjoyed them!

wpid-2015-07-20-17-34-50_deco.jpgThe very top was the first level of frosting, complete with ganache, walnuts and a cherry!
Mine looks so sad because I couldn’t unscrew the lid and flipped the jar over to hit it on the base a few times (my foolproof way to remove a stubborn lid) so the toppings got a bit messed up.
But they were still awesome–besides, I tend to worry more about taste rather than appearance.wpid-2015-07-20-17-32-33_deco.jpgThen came the actual cake.
It had a delicious chocolate/banana taste to it.
I like to liken it to super moist, chocolate banana nut bread.
By the way, these are made with real bananas, which is why the flavor is so rich.
Then came another layer of frosting, then another layer of cake.

One thing that I really liked about this (my Mum said the exact same thing) is that the
amount of cake is just the right amount.
Some cupcakes are too small, so you are stuck wanting more, while others are just
big enough to be too much.
Both Mum and I were full and satisfied after eating our cupcakes.

I also did not meet my usual cupcake-related dilemma of having frosting all over my face
and crumbs all over my lap.
The idea of packaging them in jars is just the best idea ever!
I would definitely recommend these for anyone who wants to have cupcakes on hand for a yummy treat, as well as a great idea for gift giving to family members over the holidays.

The shop also sells other baked goods, such as homemade cinnamon raisin bread, coconut bread, plain white sandwich bread (which is really a staple!) focaccia,
and several different flavors of cupcakes!

So go check out I Baked It Myself today!
Link will be provided on the next line:)

I Baked It Myself Online Shop
Chocolate Banana Cupcake (8. oz.)

So until next time my loveys!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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