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Real Deal French Candy

Most people think that the only candy in this world belongs to the Hershey company.

Most people have not had really good, well made candy
and don’t know what they are missing out on.

I got the chance to sample some artisan, handmade candy from the company
Zam Artisan Chocolates

The shop’s owner, Chef Jafer, grew up in France, and has had over twenty years of experience working in the restaurant industry. He says that his passion for his work comes from fond childhood memories of being at the local shops, looking at all the candy and sweets. He then trained with some of the best teachers in Lyon, and then made his way into the restaurant business before starting his current business.

I was sent an array of different candy to sample, and I will now list what I was sent.


I want to go into detail about each candy, but I think doing that might make this post a little bit on the long side, so I am going to talk about my top favorites in detail!
If you are at all curious about a certain candy that I might not have mentioned, leave a comment and I will let you know via comment.
I also want to say that this candy was all eaten in one day….that is why there are not as many photos as I was hoping that there would be….

Here are the candies I was sent:

Salted butter vanilla
Arabica Coffee
Lime and Ginger

Bittersweet chocolate, coconut
Walnut and Coffee
Orange Almond

*Pate de Fruit:
Anjou Pear
Hawaiian Mango
Passion Fruit

My Mum and I actually set up a little tea party after I got the package, and sampled
the candies together!
(A good time was had by the both of us!)wpid-2015-07-11-11-59-47_deco.jpgThe first candy I am going to talk about are the caramels. When you purchase caramel from the grocery store, the list of ingredients is
enough to make you want to gag.

The caramels that I received are made from all-natural ingredients (you know that caramels will be good when you see the word CREAM listed in the ingredient list), and, unlike the caramels from the grocery store, have a smooth texture, are not sticky, and practically melt in your mouth.
(I have always been told that candy is top quality if it melts in your mouth!)
They are created using an old traditional recipe from France.

Of all the caramels I was sent, my favorite had to be the salted caramel.
It was beyond delicious.
The combination of the salt, and the sweetness and creaminess of the caramel blended together perfectly. I was definitely sad to finish those up!
The lime and ginger caramel was also incredible, and I really wanted
to talk about those caramels as well because it was an unusual flavor combination, but made for a delicious caramel.
My Mum makes lime ginger tea on a frequent basis, so I am very used to those two flavors, and the flavors definitely stood out beautifully in the caramels.
They are made by having lime peel and fresh ginger steeped in the caramel, and the outcome is something truly wonderful.

Caramel and Nougat                                 Candy In A Basket

The next candies I want to talk about are the nougats.
Again, these are handmade, with natural ingredients, using traditional French recipes and they come in a variety of flavors.
Of the three flavors that I got, my hands-down favorite had to be the walnut and coffee nougat.
I love walnuts.
I LOVE coffee. wpid-2015-07-11-12-00-48_deco.jpgFinding a candy where both of those are put together was very exciting.
This was not as sweet as the other two nougat flavors. The sweetener used is honey, which means that it won’t be as sweet as sugar, which is actually is good for candies where the main flavor is a bitter one (like coffee!).
The coffee flavor stood out beautifully, and the walnuts added a lovely amount
of crunch to the nougat.
They also complimented my tea very nicely:)

Finally, let’s talk about the Pate de Fruit. wpid-2015-07-11-12-06-42_deco.jpgI got really excited about these, because I have always like chewy, jelly fruit flavored candy.
Only problem is that most jelly fruit flavored candy aren’t made from real fruit at all, unlike these, which actually are made from real fruit!
These are made by cooking sugar and the pulp of various fruit (the pulp actually has the strongest flavor, but extracting that flavor is time-consuming!) and then mixing in pectin to give it that solid, “gummy” consistency.wpid-2015-07-11-12-02-05_deco.jpg

I really cannot pick a favorite flavor when it comes to these candies.
They were all delicious and each had a very strong flavor of their respective fruits.
I was very happy and impressed with these, and so was
my Mum (and she rarely likes jelly candy!)

So this is candy that I would truly recommend to anyone who has not tried French artisan candy.
It is possibly the best candy I have ever tasted in my whole entire life and these were so much fun to sample, and I really enjoyed learning about the process that goes into making fine candy.

Here are the links to my top favorite candies that I mentioned in this post, and like I said above, if you are curious about any other flavors, just leave a comment!

Coffee Walnut Nougat
Salted Caramel
Pate de Fruit 

So Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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