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Nails and Bling Fit For A Princess

I really love wearing fake nails because for some weird reason my real nails will not grow.
I have been struggling with this for years and finally when I was fourteen decided that it was time
to start wearing fake nails.
Ever since I got my first set of fake nails, I was hooked for life.
Seven years later, my taste in fake nails has changed dramatically.
I went from plain boring french manicure nail sets to fierce, wild, stiletto nails that are heavily
decorated with bling!

Today I will be showing ya’ll my latest set of nails that I got from Fanzy Fortuity because I really love to get custom nails from online shops for two reasons: First, they are not mass-produced, so I’m not wearing a set of nails that can easily be found a CVS or Walmart, and second, it helps out small businesses to purchase from somebody who decorates nail sets and sells them online.

Fanzy Fortuity Online Site

All of the nail sets from this shop are one-of-a-kind and nobody will have a set that are exactly the same, because the shop owner does not like to make duplicates of her nail sets!
Since I am always on the hunt for unique nails, I really thought that this was a cool idea.
What you see on the shop’s site is what you will receive!
I was lucky enough to have a custom set made just for me by the owner.

As soon as I saw them, I called them “Princess Nails”.
It just seems like such a fitting name!  


These nails are stiletto style nails, and each little rhinestone, gold stud, and pearl was hand-glued on, then finished with a gel coat to give it lasting power.

The base color for the nails is a pretty nude peach shade with a subtle hint of sparkle.
This was a fairly tricky shade of nail polish to photograph, because it looked like a different color in different light, and in some lighting it kind of blended in with my skin (YAY PALE PERSON PROBLEMS!) 


One detail that I really liked is that the gold piece on the second finger is different on both hands.
On the right hand, the gold piece is a teardrop shape, and on the left hand, the gold piece is a cross.


I think that these nails are girly perfection and I am just so in love with them!
(Though I had to reteach myself how to text with them on!)


Another cool thing that I got from this shop were the three following rings, because along with selling custom nails, the shop also sells fashion rings to add extra bling!
I have never in my life seen nail rings. 
(I’m a fashion blogger. This is a sad fact for me to admit.)
These were fascinating to me, and I actually had to google them to find out how they should be worn!
I really can’t choose a favorite….I like the one with the crown (again, it goes with the princess theme!) and yet I like the one with the tiny bow and the pearls….
(Leave a comment and let me know which one of these rings you like best!)


 The third ring that was in the package is the pinkie ring seen in the above photo.
I love anything miniature and I love fish as well!
Plus this little fishy has a rhinestone eye, so that is some extra bling!

I am definitely enjoying these nails and the rings, and I highly suggest that you go check out this shop!

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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