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Macaron Monday

Today ushers in a new direction for my blog–FOOD!!!!!

I am very excited to start talking more about food, and desserts, and I figured that I would write up my first food blog post about ….MACARONS!

Macarons are quickly gaining popularity everywhere you look.

They’re like the chic dessert.

I was very excited to sample some freshly made macarons from the shop TheresaBakes.
The idea of having fresh macarons shipped to your doorstep is sheer genius, since making them is, let’s face it, not an easy task. (Been there, tried that, it did not work out.)

I received two boxes of macarons in the flavors hazelnut and blackberry.

They came in these brightly colored boxes as is seen in the below photo
with eight macarons in each box.
(My Mom and I made quick work of both boxes…)wpid-2015-07-11-11-26-56_deco.jpgI was rather concerned that they would not make it one piece, because macarons are very delicate cookies, and can easily crack and break apart.
Thankfully only three cookies were cracked when I opened the box, and I knew that there would be damage to the cookies when I saw my mailman casually toss the box onto my front porch (yes, I winced when I saw that happen.)

wpid-2015-07-11-11-27-51_deco.jpgI can’t say that I had a favorite between the two flavors…they were both amazing, and so different.

I’m going to start with the hazelnut macarons. wpid-2015-07-11-11-32-11_deco.jpgThe hazelnut macarons were delicious. The filling was chocolate ganache. Just just imagine eating Nutella in cookie form.


In the form of a cookie.
These were very chewy on the inside and had a nice crunchy outer shell.
The tops were coated in ground up bits of hazelnut.
While the main ingredient in most macarons is almond flour, these specific macarons are made from 100% ground hazelnuts, which is why the hazelnut flavor is so rich!
I found that these specific macarons are really amazing if you stick them in the refrigerator for a few hours, because then the chocolate ganache filling becomes even more chewy. wpid-2015-07-11-11-30-03_deco.jpgMoving onto the blackberry macarons, they were also incredible. wpid-2015-07-11-11-30-37_deco.jpgMy mom actually said that these were her favorite. She likes fruity desserts!
These were a pretty periwinkle color with a shimmery glaze over them, and a white chocolate drizzle (some of the drizzle broke off during the rough tossing the box got on it’s way to my house!) and pretty light purple sprinkles.
These also were made with almond flour, and the taste of almonds was indeed more prominent with these specific macarons. The filling of these were blackberries, and they were
absolutely delicious. 
Unlike the hazelnut macarons these were not as chewy.
They were lighter in texture than the hazelnut macarons, yet still had the crunchy shell
like the hazelnut macarons. wpid-2015-07-11-11-28-57_deco.jpg

The thing that I liked about these macarons is that they were not too sweet, and had such great texture.
They also are made out of pure ingredients that are recognizable (no fake eggs, or Blue dye #7)
There are no unnatural preservatives, and the food dyes used are all natural and plant based.
I have long looked for natural desserts, and so far, in my search, these macarons
are a great option and I am now totally in love and obsessed with them!

I also wish to point out that these are very very photogenic cookies and it takes true skill to make these correctly, and Theresa has the skills needed to make some of the best macarons 🙂

These have to be my new favorite dessert ever and I highly recommend that you go get some and try them for yourself.

Here are the links

TheresaBakes Online Shop
Hazelnut Macarons 8 Pc.
Blackberry Macarons 8 Pc.

I also want to mention that she has twelve different flavors of macarons from which to choose, and these make fantastic gift options.

So I hope that you all enjoyed my first ever food review.
It was a tad bit nerve-wracking since I have never done anything like this before!
Here’s hoping that this will be the beginning of a fun new avenue for my blog!

So Until Next Time!
Peace, Love and Glitter! ❤ XOXO ❤


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