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Nerd Alert–My Current Fandom, And A Drawing

I recently got into Lord Of The Rings, and then after watching that trilogy, I set my attention to The Hobbit trilogy.
I was quickly enamored by Kili the dwarf, played by the handsome Aidan Turner, who also plays
Ross Poldark in the PBS series Poldark, which I am also obsessed with.

 I was just sitting there, minding my own business, watching The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey,
and in the film, Bilbo Baggins answers his door and there are Fili and Kili, and I’m now on the edge of my sofa, going “I could really get into this movie!”

Fili is on the left, Kili on the right.

So I watched the entire movie and finally decided that I needed to draw Kili in chibi form, because why not? I haven’t really done much drawing recently, and I felt up for the challenge.

So I started googling and searching Pinterest for images of Kili.

This one came up and I immediately decided that it would be the theme of my drawing.

One word folks: PARASITES.

Well the idea of drawing a parasite with a cute chibi Kili seemed a bit creepy, so I thought about it some more and just figured “Well what if the parasite is just a HUGE bug?”

That works.

So I sat down….and this happened.

Drawing is my own, please do not copy or use without        my permission!  Thanks! ❤

 Kili and his HUGE parasite that is the biggest parasite!

It’s bigger than your parasites.

I really thought that for a first attempt, this was a really cute drawing, even if it doesn’t look exactly like Kili…

So that’s what I’ve been fangirling over recently, and it’s been fun.

So, until next time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


6 thoughts on “Nerd Alert–My Current Fandom, And A Drawing

  1. Aidan turner gives me life. He’s so gorgeous! If you like supernatural stuff you should check out his work in Being Human UK version on netflix. He’s so yummy delicious in there (but stop after season 3, you’ll see why)

    1. I’ve seen tons of photos on Pinterest of him on that show, and I’m dying to check it out! 🙂 His performance in Poldark is fantastic and so intense.

      1. I know right, I seriously have not gotten so attracted to an actor before! He’s just lovely

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