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What’s The Deal With e.l.f. Cosmetics?

Growing up, I knew that E.L.F. was that makeup brand that sold $1 lip glosses, four color dusty eyeshadows in a white plastic quad container, and weird blushes that you could also use on your lips as a lipstick, as well as your eyelids as an eyeshadow.

Recently, I’ve taken notice of E.L.F. once more, because it seems as though they are attempting to reinvent their brand with more expensive products that are worth your money.
The highest priced item I have seen from them is $30 (it’s a makeup brush set.)
They still have their one buck products (called E.L.F Essentials), but also have their newer
“E.L.F Studio” line, which seems to range from $3 up.

They also have started a skin care line that includes Illuminating eye cream, hydration moisturizer, a soothing serum, and night cream. (You could also purchase the entire set for $42.) 

They also have blush quads with 4 different shades of blush, a color correcting palette,

a foundation palette, 

a variety of mineral lipsticks,




primers (which really surprised me!), 

and the list of new items goes on and on.

My mind was pretty much blown to little itty bitty bits when I got on their website and started looking around. My curiosity has also been set into motion as to whether or not these products are actually worth the $6 that you would spend on them.
I know that I recently picked up their E.L.F. Studio Small Crease Brush, and I really love that a lot, and am planning on purchasing a second one. I know that I have a bunch of their old line of makeup brushes both for face and eyes, and so far, the eye brushes have held up like true champs!
I grew up with ELF makeup, and this is not the makeup that I remember at all.

So what exactly is E.L.F trying to do? Keep up with their competitors? Grow up with their customers? Probably both.
Only time will tell if their sudden expansion is a good deal or not.

If you have tried any of the new E.L.F Studio products, leave me a comment–I’m so curious to know if they are any good!

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


8 thoughts on “What’s The Deal With e.l.f. Cosmetics?

    1. I think I might have tried that at one point, but if I remember correctly, it added a lot of length to my lashes, but not a lot of volume.
      I know that a friend of mine really likes it and uses it all the time!:)

  1. elf products are really good! i don’t like their single eyeshadows that much but I use a lot of their $3 products, i really enjoy their 3-in-1 lengthening mascara. It’s my fave. I also use their face primer, contour palette, mattyfing translucent powder, cream eyeliner and some of their lipsticks. I don’t like their lipstains or lipliners though.

    1. I have been eyeing the translucent powder, cream eyeliner and the contour palette for a little while now, so I’m glad to hear that someone else uses them! I stick with NYX for a good lipliner.

      1. the black cream eyeliner is the best, i tried the white one and it wasn’t that great. so stick with the black. I have two versions/types of mattfying powder, the $3 and $6. The $6 one I use more for special effects stuff and the $3 one comes in a compact that I use for everyday makeup. The contour palette i have is st.lucia which seems to be the most common and it’s great for a light everyday contour

      2. I have heard lots of people say the exact same thing about the white liner, so I’ll get a black liner when I go to Target next time and I’ll probably test out the $3 matte powder first. I hope the contour palette won’t be too dark for my skin tone (I’m really fair, so sometimes finding a good contouring palette can be tricky to say the least!)

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