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That’s a Wrap! (Wrap Skirt, That Is.)

If you guys all remember, a few weeks ago, I did a review for The Jersey Gypsy Peddler!
Here is the link to that review in case you missed it!

BLOG POST |||| To Wonderland And Back Again ||||

Well after I did that, Renee, the shop’s owner, messaged me and told me that she was going to send me a surprise gift.
I was so excited and was like “OH MY GOSH!! YAYYYY!!!!”
I cannot contain my excitement for anything.

The item that Renee sent me is a handmade silk wrap skirt, and it is currently
my favorite skirt in my closet!
I’d also like to take a second to thank Renee so much for this skirt!
After I received it, I found out that she too is obsessed with these skirts, and I do not
blame her at all! She also stocks them in her shop (the physical shop in NJ, so you would have to make a visit there in person.)

Now let’s talk about the skirt and why one can become easily obsessed with skirts like this!

This skirt is reversible, so you can either wear it dressed down or dressed up!
The first side is a beautiful patchwork design that is made from pieces of silk fabric and is handmade, so no two skirts are exactly the same.
Since there are so many different colors on this side of the skirt, you can really pair it with any color top!
But I’m boring, and wanted the skirt to pop, so I wore a brown top.

wpid-2015-07-02-14-09-41_deco.jpg wpid-2015-07-02-14-11-19_deco.jpg wpid-2015-07-02-14-12-22_deco.jpg

The second side is the side that I consider to be the “dressier side” since it isn’t patchwork.

As you can tell it is a gorgeous ombre ‘blue-fading-into-a-gorgeous-purple’ fabric with some
leaves printed on it.
I plan on wearing it with a black top and a pair of strappy black heels.
(once I find the top I am thinking of wearing with it…)
I apologize for the photo on the right.
I cannot take a normal photo sometimes.

wpid-2015-07-02-14-08-34_deco.jpg wpid-2015-07-02-14-04-57_deco.jpg

Some practical points that I’d like to make about this skirt are as follows!
1. It is very very lightweight and comfortable. I’ve worn it to church, as well as to
simply run errands.

2. Since it is reversible, it’s two skirts in one. Who doesn’t love a bonus?!

3. It will fit at any weight, since the tie on the side is totally adjustable, so I can wear this at the weight I am now, or whenever I have kids, because this skirt really doesn’t care what waist size you are! 🙂 I want to thank it for being such a non-judgmental piece of clothing!

4.It’s not too long, and it’s not too short. It is an appropriate length for anything!

I really love the bohemian, gypsy vibes that this skirt gives off.
It reminds me of skirts that are worn by a character named Pauline, from my favorite British TV show, Doc Martin


I’ve caught myself using a thick Cornish accent very similar to Pauline’s whenever I wear this skirt, which is alright, though it makes me nearly impossible to understand.

Another cool thing about this skirt is that there are so many ways to wear it….you can even wear it as a top….for example…look at this diagram. 

I have to try some of these ways of wearing my skirt as a top ASAP!

So, as I said, I love love LOVE this skirt, it’s the perfect summer skirt, and


Let me know if you have tried wearing a wrap skirt as a top!
Also, go check out Renee’s blog and etsy shop.
Jersey Gypsy Etsy Shop
Jersey Gypsy Peddler WordPress Blog

So Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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