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I can keep my displeasure to myself for the most-part.

I’m pretty good at it unless I am pushed way too far.

And my neighbors have done just that.

I know it’s summertime. I know people love to be outside. But PLEASE keep your music down!

It’s not even music that I’ve had to be listening to for the past week and a half.

It’s a beat. An irregular beat. All day. Everyday. For the past 10 days or so.

Some days they don’t start blasting their beat until around 11 or so, and I think “Oh maybe today will be quiet and peaceful!”

And then it starts. . . .

I don’t really wish to complain to the people, and plus I’m not sure which neighbors are doing this. (Sound travels in my neighborhood due to multiple backyard pools.)

All I know is that I can hear it.

And it’s really ticking me off.

Common courtesy please, dear neighbors.

Until Next Time.
Peace, Love, and Glitter.
❀ XOXO ❀


5 thoughts on “THIS IS A (mini) RANT

  1. More and more everyday I want sit and have a convo and coffee with you! I too have hate for my neighbors, but mine start making noise around 8pm and it will run on average till 2-4am, this is unpleasing (to say the least).

    1. Haha awww!! Well where I live, we can call the cops after 11 if they keep their music on. So far we haven’t had to do that, but the non-stop drum beat all day is really agitating. Makes me nervous for some reason. I can’t imagine having noise until 4 in the morning! 😦

      1. Yeah the only time the cops showed up was when (a) my neighbors house was vandalized and their car was set on fire and (b) when some other neighbors got into a huge fight and we could hear a ton of yelling and screaming. Loud music doesn’t cut it.

      2. Same here same here this time of year is tough i dont want to sound like im bashing or anything cause we are on the edge of a summer city where I live ppl come over the bridge n boom instant trouble but never the less i have awful neighbors all but 1 and the cops dont help

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