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Upcycling Fun For Style And Home

    Upcycled clothes and home decor are really cool in my opinion.

You’re taking an old item and giving it a second life, while being super creative at the same time!

No shop shows off how awesome upcycling can be better than the shop
‘City of Sogna D’Oro Vintage & Why Don’t You Have A Seat?’

They sell upcycled and vintage clothes and house goods (like pillows and ornaments!)

I’m always into creative and unique items so I was really excited to review an item from their shop!

So first things first, I opened the box that they sent, and there was an really sweet note on top, and under the note….there was a bag of stickers, and buttons.

Yes, buttons.

Like pin buttons, and I was all like “OH MY GOSH! BUTTONS!!!!

Selfie I took with one of the buttons.

Here is a closeup of the cute sticker and the buttons:)

Now onto the items that were in the box, because that’s what you all are here for.
You wanna know what’s in the box.
You’re all sitting anxiously on the edge of your seats yelling

Okay Okay….I’ll tell you what was in the box.

There was this ADORABLE beanie! I’m in love with this thing. I really am.

I’ve always had a thing for beanies. They just look really nice on me unlike other types of hats. Plus, you can wear them pretty much all year.
As you can tell this beanie is my favorite color.


Just messing with you.
But seriously, if you look at this photo and see a blue beanie–you have a serious problem with your eyes that needs to be addressed.
This beanie is adorned with pink and gold pyramid studs and spikes, and I just love how it is the perfect combination of girly, and tough!
I’ve been wearing this a lot lately and have been pairing it with one of my favorite grunge outfits–cut offs, combat boots, a black tee and a bandanna around my wrist.
It also keeps my crazy frizzy hair in check, which is kind of a big deal for me.
I also want to know how I manage to make such weird faces.    Now onto some cute home decor! I know I don’t usually talk about items for the home, but if I am presented the opportunity to do so, I am more than happy to take it!

LOOK AT THESE ADORABLE PINECONE ORNAMENTS! (insert huge smiley face here!)
I love these. They’re like girly-rustic decorations that can be used year round.
I have mine hanging on my bedroom wall above one of my dreamcatchers.
Sadly, when I tried to photograph them, the photos did not come out the way I wanted, so I had to improvise by photographing in a different location!      

Each ornament is handmade. Caroline (one of the shop’s owners) created the cute pinecone designs, and each ornament is hand-sewn.
The string at the top of the ornaments are made from hemp, and the back side of each ornament is made from recycled linen!
I will definitely be keeping these up all year round, and will put them on my Christmas tree when the holidays roll around!

So I hope that you will look into this shop to see the fun items that they have!
Links for “City of Sogni D’oror & Why Don’t You Have A Seat?”
Etsy Shop
Facebook Page
Twitter Account
Instagram Account (Caroline’s account! She posts a lot about items from the shop)

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

So I hope you all are having a great weekend!
Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!


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