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FX Makeup–Frostbitten Princess Anna

“For the first time in forever–nothing’s in my way!”

Uhmmm yes, Princess Anna. Something IS in your way.

Frostbite, and a nasty case of frostbite at that!

We all know that Anna goes from this…

To this…

To a solid block of ice.

 Obviously Disney couldn’t make Anna look too scary as she is starting to turn to ice, but in my world–THAT’S JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

So I decided that before turning to ice, Anna probably would have dealt with some nasty frostbite.
So I created an FX makeup look to show off a gore side of Anna that Disney never created.

I used tissue, some white face paint, red lipstick, dark red blush, some white eyeshadow (which sadly didn’t show up all shimmery in this photo) and various shades of blue and purple eyeshadows to create this gore version of Princess Anna.

As you can tell, half of my face is tearing away due to frostbite.

What you (sadly) cannot see is that the other side of my face is coated in a pretty white pattern that I created with the white face paint and the white shimmer shadow. (This is to mimic the white pattern on Anna’s face as she is freezing.

I then took this photo, added a snow overlay with an app on my phone and VOILA! One gore version of a frostbitten Princess Anna.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you do not follow after your snow queen sister after you tick her off with a silly demand for her to bless your marriage to a guy you hardly know.

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


2 thoughts on “FX Makeup–Frostbitten Princess Anna

    1. Thanks so much! Since Disney doesn’t do gore in their princess movies, it’s like working with a blank palette!

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