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To Wonderland And Back Again

Today we are going to take a little trip to my favorite literary world ever.
Hands down.
No competition on this one.

We’re going to Wonderland!

I got four items in the mail last week from the shop JerseyGypsyEtsyShop, and all four items were Alice In Wonderland themed! (YAY!!!!!)

I am a huge fan of Alice In Wonderland.
I’ve read the book (actually I’ve read BOTH books…Alice In Wonderland and Alice Goes Through The Looking Glass To The Other Side), I have multiple shirts with Alice In Wonderland pictures on them, I’ve watched both Disney movies (I preferred the live action Tim Burton version), I had planned one of my birthday parties to be Alice In Wonderland themed (that didn’t work out, but it was a cool idea), I had an awesome Queen of Hearts Halloween costume one year….the list goes on and on…

These are some of the coolest literary themed items I have ever come across in my time of reviewing and featuring literary themed items on my blog.

So let’s get started with these items of pure wonder and imagination.

The first two items came as a set–they are Alice In Wonderland themed charm bangles (my jewelry biggest obsession in case you haven’t been paying attention.)

The first bangle is themed like the Mad Hatter’s tea party with a hand-stamped charm that says “We’re All Mad Here” on it, and a cute little teapot!
Let’s all sing a round of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat” while we’re here in honor of
the Queen, shall we?   Now if you’re going to be late for a very important date, you should probably we wearing this next bangle. The two charms on this bangle are so cute–this is probably my favorite of the two bangles!
The first charm is a tiny pocket watch, and the second charm is an exact replica of the white rabbit from the book, complete with his horn to blow when the Queen of Hearts arrives, and his list of charges that the Queen has against those horrible people who stole her tarts.   I am seriously just so impressed with the white rabbit charm–here is the original drawing of the white rabbit from the book. And here are both bangles together. They really make a fantastic pair, and I just can’t stop geeking out over these bangles!Please note that these next TWO items are not up on the JerseyGypsy etsy shop, but you can order them through a special request or through the JerseyGypsy Facebook page (which I will link at the end of this post!)

Next up comes a pendant with the lovely Alice.
This is a really nice, simple pendant, and the image of Alice is antiqued to fit in with the bronze bezel that it is in, and the bronze chain, which is 18 inches in case you were curious….curiouser and curiouser…I’m sorry. I had to do that.
I usually wear this necklace with a plain black top, because I find that this really stands out on a black background, and when I’m wearing it, I want it to be the main focal point.  I love how Renee used a playing card as packaging for the necklace!
She seriously did not miss a single thing to keep this Alice In Wonderland theme tied together!   Finally I received this wristlet.
Let’s start with the fact that I have been in need of a wristlet since summer started and I didn’t want to be toting around a purse all the time.
This seriously was like a gift from the heavens! I had no clue Renee would send me this, and I was so excited when I opened it!
This is the perfect wristlet in my opinion.
First of all, the fabric has teapots and the Mad Hatter’s hat on it.
Secondly, I love the fact that this has not only a key-chain loop on it, but a clip, so I can clip it to my belt loop on my shorts if I don’t want it around my wrist.
Third, Renee makes these wristlets with a waterproof lining in them.
Fourth (and the final point) it holds quite a bit of stuff. I have a small fold-wallet with some cash and my drivers license, two lipsticks, one mascara, a tiny change purse, and a pocketbac hand sanitizer…and there’s still some room left…. I am in love with the items I got, and I can’t stop raving about what I got…so here are the links so that you can go and check out Renee’s work for yourself!
JerseyGypsy on FB
Jersey Gypsy Peddler Blog–Yes she has a blog started! I think that’s so awesome! 🙂

So I hope that you all enjoyed this trip to Wonderland and back again, I know that I am a very happy camper and can’t stop telling my friends and family about these items!

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!


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