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Put On Your Grownup (Lace) Shorts And Go Deal With It

   One thing that I love about summertime is that you can wear shorts.
Seems like a silly thing to like, but after this last winter (the wind literally hurt your face whenever you stepped outside–it was AWFUL) you might be able to understand where I stand on the issue of warm weather.
I spend most of my days roaming around online and one trend that I kept noticing for this summer happened to be lace shorts.
After looking at multiple photos of lace shorts on Pinterest, I was in love.

Lace shorts are what I consider to be “dressy shorts” or “grown up shorts” because they can easily be worked into a dressier outfit.

I pulled together an outfit for an upcoming outdoors event that I will be attending that isn’t totally casual, yet isn’t black tie.

The dreaded “in-between” event.

I was very excited to get to work with a pair of black lace shorts that I received from
Poppy Ann’s Boutique.
Poppy Ann’s Boutique FB Page
Poppy Ann’s Boutique IG Page
(Like really pretty picutres of clothes? Follow them on IG!)
Poppy Ann’s Etsy Shop

I chose black lace instead of the mint lace because black will go with everything (and black always makes my tan pop!) Plus I feel that lace shorts have a distinct Southern flair to them….
Here is the outfit that I came up with!
I decided that a pair of lace shorts work best with a tucked in tank top, and a little lacy bolero shrug and some nice wedge heels. (Sadly you can’t see the wedges I have on in this photo, but they’re white eyelet fabric with cute bows on top.)This is going to sound kind of random, but these shorts make me feel like I am going to a laid-back summer tea party. Please don’t ask why, but that’s what they make me think of.   The length of the shorts is really nice in my opinion because it comes down nicely over my rear and doesn’t ride up at all. It stays put. Not going anywhere.

They also look a bit like a mini skirt, but allow for way more movement than a mini skirt would (standing up, sitting down, running around a bit, leaning over to pick something up off the ground etc etc), and makes you feel more covered.

If they weren’t comfortable, I wouldn’t choose these as a go-to for an all-day picnic.
The waistband is made out of stretchy lace material and doesn’t cut into my waist like some shorts and skirts do. I don’t have a red waistband imprint on my skin after I take these off.
I was informed that these shorts run on the small size, so it’s best to order a size up!    Now I know that I am using these as a dressy option, but dressing these down is also a cool idea, and can give some feminine flair to any top.
One option that I have seen is to wear these shorts a denim top.
I might add some brown booties in, or maybe just work with a pair of plain leather flip flops!
If you have a pair of these shorts–let me know how you like to style them!

So I hope that this inspires you to get a pair of these shorts and to love them as much as I am loving mine! These really are making my summer fabulous!

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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