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My Massive Gypsy Wedding Dress

Every girl dreams of her wedding as being the day when she can the princess and have her prince sweep her off her feet.

I don’t think that my prince will be sweeping me off my feet without breaking his back.

Why you ask?

Because my dreams for my wedding are a bit bigger than most…

I dream of a big fat Gypsy wedding for myself.
Massive dress.
Massive hair.
Massive bling.
Massive attitude.

Basically, when it comes to my wedding and my wedding dress, the bigger the better.

While some people may look on these dresses and think “How tacky”, it’s all a matter of taste.
Some people like minimalist wedding dresses, or short wedding dresses, or modern wedding dresses.
I just happen to like my wedding dresses to be big, poofy and full of bling.

Sondra Celli is the go-to person for Gypsy wedding dresses.
She makes the most outrageous dresses that you can find and the Gypsies love them.

To be totally honest–I can’t blame them one bit…but maybe that’s just my Gypsy heritage speaking.

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❀ XOXO ❀


3 thoughts on “My Massive Gypsy Wedding Dress

  1. I have seen a lot of shows that have Sondra Celli in them. While I can’t say I would want a dress like these what I can say is that she does amazing and such creative work. If I am thinking correctly she is from my area! I wonder how much they cost?!

    1. Of the white gypsy dresses that is have seen from Sondra Celli, I prefer them over the colored ones she makes…as for cost, I looked it up and let’s just put it this way: would you prefer to buy a dress or a car?

      1. I do like the white ones too but I prefer white for wedding dresses anyways, or white with a splash of color. I have seen a few colored dresses she’s made that I liked. I figured Sondra Celli dresses would be really expensive. Just the amount of the material alone must be expensive!

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