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It’s The Little Things

Do you know the saying “It’s the little things in life that matter?” I think that statement is true for both life and style.
I love to add cute pieces of jewelry to my outfits to add extra personality.

I was very happy to receive a couple of items from the shop LittleThingsByLaurie, and I hope that you all will enjoy checking out what I got!

So let’s get into this shall we?

Here are the links that you will need for the items I will mention in this post!

Little Things By Laurie Online Shop
BAYMAX With Butterfly Necklace
DisneyLand Inspired Bangle

First things first, Laurie’s business card is SO CUTE!
I have always loved mice and I also love the idea of the little, miniature world in which mice live….
I had a book growing up that showed in the illustrations a human family, and underneath the floorboards of their house, there was a family of mice, and they had furniture made out of spools of thread and match boxes and things like that, so I have always loved miniature things.

To make a very long story short, the business card reminded me of that children’s book, and it touched a warm spot in my heart. Laurie also sent along the little silver mouse charm that you see on that chain next to the business card.
She says she likes to add it into her packaging since it ties in with her business card.
I was very happy to get him, and I named him Norman.

Onto what I got to feature on my blog:

CAN YOU SAY MORE DISNEY?!!! (sure you can–go ahead and say it.)

I watched the movie Big Hero 6 shortly after it came out on DVD and it has become one of my favorite (non-Princess) Disney movies. I have not laughed so hard at a movie since Kung-Fu Panda came out. And of course, BAYMAX, your personal health-care companion, with his squishable, huggable, latex surface, quickly found a spot in my heart. (Please don’t scan me–there’s nothing actually IN my heart.)
I got this precious BAYMAX with butterfly pendant….and here is the really really cool thing about this pendant.
The image that you see of BAYMAX and his butterfly friend was hand-drawn by Laurie’s daughter.
According to Laurie, her daughter drew the sketch, and they both liked it so much that Laurie decided to make a line of necklaces with the image!
I want to give a huge shout-out to Laurie’s daughter for her awesome drawing skills!
The necklace is in a black bezel, and comes on a black chain that is 22″ long, and it also has a bronze butterfly charm on the chain as well, to tie the whole look together!:)

I literally cried when I looked at this pendant…it is such a sweet image, and I really love it.   Finally, I also got a charm bangle that is in the style of an Alex and Ani charm bracelet. (Ya’ll know how I like supporting small businesses that make this style of bracelet instead of purchasing Alex and Ani bracelets.)

This is a bracelet that was made to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of DisneyLand!   I love the charms on this bracelet–the dream charm of course makes me think of the song from Cinderella “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes…”
Then there is the castle, framed perfectly between two stars (for wishing on) and two Mickey Mouse faces (because it all started with a mouse!)  Can we appreciate the detail of this castle charm by the way? Look at the tiny brick details on it! That is just too darn cool!
This bracelet is my first bronze metal bracelet (I usually wear all silver bracelets, but was happy to get something different!) It also feels very solid, like it won’t bend when I am taking it on and off.

Laurie was really great to work with, and I really want to express my gratitude to her for her kind words about my blog, and for being so kind and helpful!

So I hope that you all go and take a look at her shop. It’s really worth it! (She also has a bunch of adorable 4th of July themed items as well! Perfect for the upcoming holiday!)

So I hope everyone had a great weekend! Let’s all try to make it through Monday (and the rest of the week!)

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!


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