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Favorite Disney Instagrammers

I have yet to go to DisneyWorld (or DisneyLand for that matter) but I keep dreaming of the day when I can step foot in the “Happiest Place On Earth” and sing a little song, and dance a little dance down Main Street and NOT get weird looks.

Because dancing and singing is a totally normal occurrence when it comes to anything DISNEY.

Until that time, I satisfy myself with photos on Instagram from people who are Disney Passholders and go to the Disney parks to take photos of everything.

So I am going to list my favorite Disney Instagrammers:)

Please note–all photos belong to the people who took them!!!!! All credit goes to them!

mymermaidmagic (Mikayla)
You can find her on both IG and Flickr
mymermaidmagic Instagram Account
mymermaidmagic Flickr Account

 Mikayla is a Disney loving chick with an Ariel tattoo on her arm and a camera glued to her hands. Her photos capture all the fun and brightness and wonder of DisneyWorld–plus she stops to take snaps with Tinkerbell, Ariel and the other Princesses, so her account isn’t always just the characters, which I find refreshing. It proves that there is a person behind the camera!

Next up is Ferdalump.
The little, lovable Lane, the wee one.

Ferdalump on Instagram
Ferdalump on Youtube

 Lane loves Disney, Anakin Skywalker (Lane’s boyfriend! Ahem, back off ladies.), wearing the precious dresses her Mommy makes for her out of old sheets from GoodWill, eating out, and did we mention Disney?

If my daughter does not turn out like her, I will be pretty miffed.

 Next up is Stefani, from on Instagram

Stefani is another Disneygrammer who will get into her photos so that you guys will know that she actually is enjoying her trip to DisneyWorld, because that’s actually a worry of mine–are these people actually getting out from behind their camera and having fun?! This. Photo. Is. EPIC.
I seriously can’t explain why I like this photo so much….but I just think it is so cool.

According to her IG bio, she is a self-proclaimed “Frozen Sing-Along Fanatic” and can we just take a moment to look at how powerful Elsa looks in this pic??!

 Finally the last IG Disney account I am going to talk about is SnapshotsOfMagic.
snapshotsofmagic on Instagram The account’s owner, Kristen has the knack for taking photos that really show off the world of Disney to the finest, and the photos do touch a soft spot in your heart (at least they make me feel all warm inside.  

I hope you all will go look at these accounts a little better if you are into Disney! I know that seeing these photos show up on my IG feed really cheer me up!
Also, if you have a Disneygrammer who you like, and I have not listed here, just let me know!

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


2 thoughts on “Favorite Disney Instagrammers

  1. Thank you SO much for this! It really means a lot to me. Thanks for spreading the magic!

    -Kristen (snapshotsofmagic

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