Vintage Earth-Friendly Chic

I’m back from a very long and tiring Memorial Day weekend…I hope you all had a great Memorial Day and are now happily enjoying summer:)
I Know that I am.

I have recently become a huge sucker for a cute maxi skirt.
I also am a huge sucker for clothing with a previous life….a backstory, if you may.
Have you even given any thought to where your clothes came from, or the materials that were used to create them?
I didn’t really think about it until I was given the chance to work with the online shop WhereClothes, and my previous thinking (or lack of thinking) about my clothing was challenged.

I was very excited to be able to review a beautiful lace maxi skirt from this shop which is located in Vermont, and all the clothes they sell are made from recycled material. (Eco-friendly clothes are so cool!) The skirt that I received was a lace maxi skirt that was made from vintage lace.
This skirt requires that you wear a white skirt of some sort underneath of it (I found that a thick white slip will work perfectly fine!) I was a bit worried that I might have to sew some belt loops onto it to make it fit, because the measurement of the waist seemed as though it would be a bit too big for me, but when I received it, I was very relieved and happy to find that it did actually fit me!
It has a slit up the side, which I find helps with being able to walk smoothly in it, since the lace is a bit on the stiff side.
It is a very airy skirt.  Because it is made out of lace, it isn’t heavy like a lot of knit or jersey fabric maxi skirts, and it allows for air to flow through the lace and it keeps my legs nice and cool (this is perfect for summer time!)

I decided to pair this skirt with a plain brown camisole, a denim jacket, and my favorite white wedges to give me some extra height so that I wouldn’t trip on the end of the skirt.
I find this to be a fun, shabby chic outfit, but I know for a fact that I could easily dress this skirt up and make it very very elegant with the right top and necklace!
It is a very versatile piece, and I am very excited to have it in my wardrobe now.

I really hope you go check this shop out– you can find a lot of really unique pieces there that you can feel good about wearing since they are earth friendly! 🙂

where-clothes on etsy
whereclothes on Tumblr
WhereClothes FB

So I hope you give a thought about your clothing and where it comes from and what it is made out of….I certainly am now!

Until next time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!


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