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Pony Mail Of The Jewelry Variety

 A few months ago I did a review for the shop Zoe’s Barbie Shoes on Etsy. Well the shop owner asked me if I would like to do a review on his other Etsy shop, Shock Values.
I had such a fun time reviewing his Barbie shoe products that I automatically said yes! 🙂
Shock Value doesn’t put it’s main focus on Barbie shoes, but instead focuses on pop culture, sports, cats, and TV related jewelry! Are you a fan of the Walking Dead? Cause there’s a line of Walking Dead/zombie items available for purchase! (Just thought I’d throw that out there, cause I know a few people who read my blog like The Walking Dead…)

I quickly found the My Little Pony related items in the shop and picked some to review. (In case you had no idea, I LOVE My Little Pony, and have been collecting since September of last year.)

The first item I opened was this adorable necklace!
The pony on it is a blind-bag Applejack who is coated in my favorite thing ever–GLITTER.

Applejack is actually my favorite of the Main Six ponies, and I am looking to collect her in G1, and G3 forms (so far shipping costs have prevented me from buying any vintage Applejacks for my collection.)

Length-wise, it’s pretty long, and comes to the middle of my chest and also is adjustable in case you want to make it either longer or shorter.   There is also this adorable orange bead right above Applejack’s head and it adds some extra interest to the necklace.   In case you didn’t notice….the light orange beads are little hearts! 🙂 I think that is just too cute….this whole necklace is cute! What can I say? I love it! 
This really cool bracelet has pictures of G3 and G3.5 ponies on it! I can recognize Rainbow Dash in both G3 and G3.5 form, but I sadly do not recognize the other ponies….I am planning to do some research so that I will know which ponies I am wearing!
This is such a fun and bright statement bracelet that isn’t too chunky and will not get in my way when I am wearing it. I actually have worn it several times as an anklet and I am getting some weird tan lines on my ankle!  Look at all the pony cuteness!!!! Look at it!!! (I’m getting excited and hyper now just thinking about it….please excuse me…)  

On to some hair pins that make my hair 20% cooler!
Yes, that is Rainbow Dash, and yes, I have those hair pins in my hair RIGHT NOW, and yes, I do indeed feel 20% cooler! 🙂
I played around with these pins, and the bobby pins are made of thick metal (the ones I buy at the store are pretty flimsy and will bend easily, unlike these) and the Rainbow Dash medallions are glued on and I don’t feel as though they will break off.
I like to put them on opposite sides of my head when I have my hair pulled back into a pony tail, so that Rainbow Dash will be peeking out on either side of my pony tail…I think it’s a super cute look.

The shop’s owner, Matthew, also added this precious Fluttershy necklace as a bonus.
I don’t have many things with Fluttershy on them, so I was very happy to get this necklace!
As you can see, it’s yellow and pink to match Fluttershy’s colors, and it’s a really cool mix of pink chain and pink, yellow, and clear beads.  Doesn’t Fluttershy look so sweet?
This necklace comes about two inches below my collarbone, so it is shorter than the Applejack necklace by about two inches or so. This also has a chain so you can adjust the length.
I love how each bracelet and necklace has a chain for adjusting the length and fit.

I was really really impressed with the quality of all the items I received, and I love them so much! They definitely make me smile every time I wear them!  I also love all the creativity and originality that shines through in each item!

So please go check out Shock Values–I really recommend this shop and can’t stop raving about the cute items for sale there! 🙂


Shock Values Etsy

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!
❤ XOXO ❤


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