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Everyday Disney Outfit–Rapunzel

  I’ll admit it, I like Disney for the most-part (although the songs can get a bit obnoxious after awhile!)

While browsing Pinterest today, I noticed that people are making everyday outfits that correspond with a Disney character.
Then it hit me that I could make my own versions of everyday Disney outfits on my Polyvore account….so that is what I did.

So here begins my new weekly series called “EVERYDAY DISNEY” and I will post my own renditions of Disney outfits that I create on Polyvore (which is an addicting site FYI.)

Today’s Disney character is Rapunzel.
I could personally watch Tangled over and over and not get sick of it….

Everyday Disney--Rapunzel

So I hope you all enjoy checking out my everyday recreation of Rapunzel’s outfit! I’m looking forward to doing more of these collages!

Leave a comment and let me know which Disney character you would like to see an everyday outfit for next!

Until next time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!


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