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Fun Summer Wrist Candy

Β I love bracelets.
I possibly love them more than necklaces!
I especially love to wear bracelets in the summer and always have a large selection in my jewelry box from which to choose.

I recently received three adorable bracelets from the online shop MacaroonNotebook.
I got a beaded leather wrap bracelet and two link friendship bracelets and have been wearing them ever since I got them in the mail on Saturday!

Let’s start on my thoughts about the beaded leather wrap bracelet!
I have always wanted a bracelet of this style and I was in love with it from the moment I took it out of the box and put it on!
As you can see it is adjustable with a silver button (which is a great thing!) and has metallic beads that range from copper to gunmetal. It does indeed smell like leather….I love that smell in case you were wondering, so no complaints there! πŸ™‚
This bracelet reminds me of the beach for some reason…I think I saw people at the beach wearing this style bracelet, so I have always connected it with the beach…
The leather cord that you see sticking out can be cut off, and it is, in fact, recommended by the shop that you do cut it off. I haven’t cut it off yet (I’m a rebel like that.)Β Β  The next two bracelets are the same style, but as you can tell are different colors and I love them both and I refuse to pick a favorite (mainly because I can’t.)
These two link friendship bracelets are really nice, sturdy bracelets that look great paired together, or by themselves.
The way the string is tied around the links is very tight, so I am not scared of it coming unraveled or snagged on something.Β Β  These are also beautifully finished with a braided end string and a silver bead on each string.
I love how you can adjust the bracelets by pulling on the two strings…it is so much easier than fussing with a lobster clasp!Β These bracelets really make me feel as though I am on a perpetual summer vacation because they are so fun!
These are definitely some of my favorite bracelets!


Wrap Black Leather Bracelet With Metallic BeadsΒ 

Link Friendship Bracelet (neon multi-color)

Link Friendship Bracelet (black)Β 

So I hope you go look into MacaroonNotebook!
I’m sure you will see something that will catch your eye!

Until Next Time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter!


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