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Raving for flower crowns

 Today I chose to be a flower faerie with my beautiful floral headband that I got from the online shop Rave Nation.

No seriously. Whenever I wear this headband, I feel like a faerie. 🙂

After I posted this pic on my blog IG page, it got 14 likes with in the first 3 minutes…everybody loves a pretty flower crown!

  This headband is made from twine that has been fishtail braided for extra width and security. I like that this is a headband that I can tie to fit my head instead of a crown (because not all crowns are made to fit everyone’s head!)

 The silk roses have been glued on with very powerful glue so that they will stay on.
I love the pink and white flower combo, and the shop offers other color combinations as well (just in case you don’t like the color pink!)  Another cool thing is the way the end of the headband is finished. As you can see, there is this large pink bead at the end of the twine…I think that this is such a fun and fabulous touch. It adds even more interest! 
The shop itself also carries a lot of rave clothing. If you don’t know what rave clothes are, think bright, neon, in some cases light-up, faux fur, metallic clothes, kandi beads, and peace signs.
They also had these headbands which caught my eye and here I am writing up my review of the headbands!

So here is my opinion on the headband–I really like it! I think it’s fun and girly. I also think that it was well assembled and will hold up for years to come. I  also like how the fit can be adjusted with the ties. I also thought that price-wise, it was on the cheap end ($9.99) and that it is a good deal for being such nice quality. So if you are in the market for a flower headband, go look into these!

Here are the links that you will need! (I Highly suggest you go to the main website first, because they have all the flower crowns available for purchase listed there!)
Rave Nation website flower crowns
Rave Nation on etsy

So I hope you go look into these flower headbands and get one so that you can feel like a flower faerie too!

Until Next Time!

Peace, Love, and Glitter!

❤ XOXO ❤


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